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Making GiG images compatible through-out Fiverr!


Straight to the POINT-

I had often seen many sellers with gigs having images incompatible throughout Fiverr. What I meant from “incompatible” is that - Fiverr uses different sizes of your GiG image throughout the platform and often you may find out that a part of your image is being cropped. It isn`t much of an issue in 70% of the images but for the remaining 30%, this could -

Imagine, you placed some text/shape/whatever in any corner/edge and it appears cropped in half in Fiverr. Though it might/will not affect your sales directly/indirectly but still, it will not make your GiG look perfect!

A simple remedy for this could be to leave some extra space on each side of the image with only the background. However, to make it easier and perfect, I had made a simple GiG template that you could use while making your images. Here is it-


Full Image : The one you will see in your GiG page.
Without the Black Area : The one you will see in the search, category and in your profile page(s).
Green Area : Fiverr mobile site and app compatible area.
Red Circle : This area will be covered by the Fiverr video icon (in certain categories) if your gig haves one. Tip - You might want to put the image without the black area in some place in your video to set it as the display image.
Pink Circle : This area will be covered by the Fiverr video icon (in certain categories) if your gig haves one.

That’s it!
I hope the community finds it useful. :slight_smile:

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It’s a good tip. I did the same thing yesterday when I created profile images for all my gigs to have a consistent feel. Even I did it with approximation.

Do you have the dimensions in pixels? that’d be nice. Because every time I make a new image, I leave 20% space on each side, it’s all trial and error for me. Takes too much time.


682x459 : Size of the image in the GiG page.
682X420 : Size of the image in the search, category and profile page(s).
605x410 : Mobile app and site compatible images.

It could be tricky to implement them in the right position, so you could try out the template that I had attached in the OP. :grin:


This is so great <3 Thanks a lot!