Making gigs for different niches!


Hi planet fiverr :D,
I’m asking that if we can making different gigs for diffirent niches, for exemple, a gig about photoshop editing and an other one for writing 500 words…?!
Thank you.


Yes, you can do that with no problems - good luck! :sunny:


Absolutely. I would look at what other sellers offer, what type of buyer requests come through and some of the search options that come up in / around your general subject area

If you have a niche then you’re more likely to get more views and in turn more orders

Good luck


Sure you can, as long as you’re really good at everything you offer! :slightly_smiling_face:

Otherwise, if you offer (for example) writing, but your English is bad, buyers might think that you’re just as bad at everything you offer, no matter the niche.


Hadn’t thought of it like that before! :smiley:


Many “gurus” mentioned logo design and copywriting as highly lucrative categories, so there are plenty of profiles offering both. Now, if I see that a logo designer doesn’t speak English very well (because they’re not a native English speaker), I won’t think much of it, as long as we can communicate. But, if I see that the said designer also offers to “copy write anything with in 24 hours” (and, perhaps, believes that copywriting is copying and pasting), I’m going to doubt their designing abilities, too. :smiley_cat:


I would like to have different kinds of gigs but since my gigs are for a very specific category, I like to be seen as a specialist in my field. It is going to be disconcerting to people if they see that I also do, just to give an example, search engine optimization and also cast spells.