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Making google presentations for people

I havent gotten any orders yet and am trying to promote my gig, it would mean alot if your could check out my gig

Nice one @spicy_apple! In your gig promotion images, I’d really focus on the areas of your gig that stand out.

For example, you could have an image saying that the presentation could be completely brandable to the buyers brand colors with their logo.

I’d also suggest changing the wording of your packages. I don’t think a potential buyer would want to buy an option that is advertised as ‘good’ ‘high’ or ‘best’ when it comes to quality. It sounds as if you are putting less work into the final result with is off putting for a buyer. I’d just say the difference in price is the amount of final slides.

A few suggestions but hope you get orders soon! :grinning:

Here’s to future gigs,