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Making me depressed ... As I am unable to get new order from last 30-40 days

Hello everyone !!
It’s becoming 53+ days that I joined Fiverr and I got my first two orders very easily and early by don’t what happened afterwards… my Gigs are ranking on starting pages bt not getting order the I edit my GiGs they got deranked and now very confused what to do now… Can anybody help me out in getting orders or let me know what things my gigs need to be edited ???

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I don’t usually feedback on gigs anymore as it normally only causes offence. However, I’ve had a quick look at a couple of your gigs and overall they look good. But… there are a number of errors.

Because you are selling services based around design, spelling and layout, many buyers will be looking for attention to detail. You don’t consistently demonstrate this.

For example your menu design gig has issues around the incorrect use of character spaces and commas. Your WordPress (correct branding) gig refers to ‘wordpress’ and ‘Wordpress’ - and also has grammar errors.

If you can’t get your own sales and marketing material correct, then a buyer is unlikely to trust you with a job.

My advice would be to correct the mistakes on your gigs. While I don’t like using online spelling and grammar checkers, they are nonetheless better than nothing. Make sure you correct as many mistakes as possible in one go - and then don’t edit your gigs again for some considerable time.


Read this:

And do not do that today @humaira_tech! Take your time to study, research and prepare everything.

Read everything in Fiverr HELP section and seller section,
all about how to create GIG, title, description, tags, images, images SEO, video…

You will have to do more work in order to have successful GIGs on Fiverr but also do not focus only on Fiverr.

Due to how the system works you can lose your rank, badge, money basically everything on this platform. So you should be serious about Fiverr but also serious about your future.

A lot of PRO and TRS are branching out because COVID brought a lot of sellers in and reduced sales.

5 years ago you had 10 sellers - 8 buyers per month. So each month 2 would be without income.
Now you have 10 sellers -5 buyers per month ratio, so each month 5 sellers are going to strike out so you need to think about that.


Thanku for investing time to looking into my Gigs that is a big Mistake I think I am doing I will.correct and Hope it will work for me.Can you give some more time and point more details if u have some free time … Also I am.offering different service does it also giving a bad impact on buyers ???

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Sorry, but nowadays I don’t feedback on gigs as it is unfair to potential buyers.

Your gigs do contain errors but you’ll have to find those yourself! If I, or someone else, help you to make your gigs perfect, and a buyer then orders from you thinking your language skills and attention to detail are 100% - they will discover something different when you respond or send a completed order. And that’s not fair to a buyer.

It’s perfectly fine for you to use tools like spelling and grammar checkers to assist you with your gigs and with sending messages to buyers, because it will still be your own work.

In my opinion there’s nothing wrong with offering different services if they are all around a similar sort of service - for example design. But what I would think is weird is if an architect for example also offers a data entry gig and a logo making gig. That’s just feels odd.

Good luck. Your gigs are good overall, they just need a bit of polishing with attention to detail.