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Making money selling instagram likes and followers

Can people who are selling instagram likes and followers for $5 please tell me how it is done,some people sell 10,000 and i have no idea how they do it,can someone help please as i want to do the same thing,regards,Mark

you’re literally not gonna get an answer for this…

look at what you’ve demanded mark, the secret of their money tree. lol :slight_smile:

Fair enough,what annoys me is there is plenty of room for one more person,thanks for answering

Most of these followers are probably bottled.

However the good ones will be placing an advert on their Instagram telling people to follow so and so which could get a few followers.

Hello Mark,

I had the same question. But after a lot of research I found the answers. Most of the sellers on fiverr are reselling followers and likes through panels. Search on google for secret social panel. When you see the prices you can start reselling those services on fiverr and make a lot of money!

Good luck!

One thing to remember is that even if you decide you’ve found a way, gigs based on social media likes/followers/etc. are not usually listed in Fiverr search since they are not in Fiverr’s editorial focus. Also, if the gigs you sell are against the Terms of Service on the social media site (and most gigs like this are) they will mostly likely be taken off of Fiverr sooner or later.

Likes and followers are no longer a major money tree since they are generally shut down quickly.