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Making multiple gigs - or making one big one?


I’m planning to make many different styles of video intros for Fiverr. They all emphasize the customer’s logo and they’re all 3D and they’re all intros.

They are different, though, each with a different style and a different way of showcasing -that- logo.

Q: Is it better to merge all of these gigs into one big one or should I make many small ones?


My personal opinion is that the days of “1 single gig for all your business” died in the early days of Fiverr. Yes, you see Top Rated Sellers always on the top of the search results who have only one gig, but if you look closely they have all been here a really really long time, since the early days of Fiverr. They made it back then, under different circumstances and with less competition than there is today.

Today, multiple gigs are a requirement for better exposure. Your chances of showing up in search is a lot better. All my gigs are voiceover, but they are significantly different within the voiceover category. When you look at the stats of a single gig, the numbers may not be impressive, but add them up and that’s money, and that’s what matters.


I’m also active in the video intro category and I’m currently working on a new gig which should be online in within 2 hours. I will show it to you once it’s ready because it’s a great example and related to your question.

In my gig I will offer custom video intro work. I will look at the clients business and design an intro for them based on the type of biz they’re in so it will suit their brand. I could also just put up 20 different video intro gigs and let my clients dig for the right intro themselves but the reason I don’t is because they will all get buried under dozens of other gigs VERY FAST, believe me, i tried. If you’re able to narrow your sales to 1 gig instead of spreading them out over multiple gigs, you will get A LOT more views and A LOT more sales.

I will show you what I mean in an hour or 2 once the gig is online. I’m sure it will help you.



Here’s how I did it:

Hope it helps you :slight_smile:


My personal opinion is to have multiple gigs 3-4 on single niche instead of having single gig.


From what I have learned from my own experience, I would suggest this - definitely make different gigs for each style. I tried offering very similar yet very different videos in the same gig. I made a nice gig video as well that showed exactly what I could offer to my buyers.

But the click through rate was very low as compared to the clicks I got when I created a gig that featured only a single style. People just don’t want to click on your gig unless the image preview they see on your gig is very similar to what they are looking for.

With different styles being offered in the same gig, only the one shown in your image preview/gig video thumbnail would get attention.


Because there are so many subcategories within each different category and because buyers use fairly varied search terms, I would definitely recommend making a several different gigs in the same niche, even if they offer essentially (but not exactly) the same service.


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