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Making my first gig. What should I put for "Instructions for buyer"?

I am adding my first gig to the site and I don’t know what to put for “Instructions for buyer” because I don’t know what I’m given. I plan on sending a download link for a video showing the buyer how to do something. What’s the best way to do this? What should I put for “Instructions for buyer”?


I am happy to have instructions for buyers because they will never order my gigs by mistake so we won’t have to deal with cancelations and other stuff some people are talking about on these forums (see order by mistake topics).

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Underlaser, while that’s a clever point. I think if you have enough visitors to get orders by mistake, you can take a few cancels.

Leave it blank. That way, the order starts automatically without the buyer having to respond. So as soon as they order, you can deliver the link.

OK, thanks everyone. I’ll leave it blank.

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No we should never leave that blank. Fill it with the instructions you want your buyer to give you about your job. Some people just order and forget it. “Instructions for buyer” makes it easier to interact with the new Fiverr buyers.

Reply to @niaxee:

Niaxee, if you take a look at the particular Gig or what this person will be specializing in, there is NO reason for someone to give the seller more info. He is only selling a link to a video that will show one how to perform card tricks. To me, there would be no need to ask the buyer for anything in this case, and would may only confuse the buyer and slow down the process of expediting the order.


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Reply to @secretsrevealed: Only listen to the veterans. -_-

Leave it blank buyer will submit information after order

Leaving the instructions for buyers blank seems to work for some. I personally request that the buyers send all the pertinent information that they can in order to meet their needs. That way it gives me a better understanding of what they want, without having to ask. Most orders are delivered with enough information that I don’t have to write back and ask what they want. I simply send a “thank you for ordering” note and deliver on time. If you decide to write instructions for the buyers, you might consider asking them for (should the be needed):

*Any information that you will need to deliver.

*Their goal.

*The file extensions or technology that the use.

  • Whether they have a time constraint on their project.
  • If they saw your gig extras (if you had any.

    For example:

    Hello buyer,

    Thank you for ordering.

    Please send me any information (you can also add details) that you would like covered in the gig. I generally use a .txt format for all of my documents, .png for all graphics files and .wav for my audio files. If you need to have any of this information delivered in another format, please let me know. If you wish to have this gig bigger, better or faster, please consider ordering my gig extras.

    Thank you,



Reply to @niaxee: There are many reasons to leave instructions blank.

The biggest one being, if the gig you deliver is the same in all cases. Putting in this extra step can leave gigs in your queue that could be in your bank account.

It depends on your gig. Sometimes you have to explain what gig is about in the gig description and that way you don’t have to enter in requirements from buyer. In some cases you do need some information from buyer and for that you need to have something in there. So leave it blank depending on your case.

Why leave it blank? Get information from your buyers so that you can get to know them! (And yes, I keep track of ALL my buyers and what they ordered). What if you want to go back later and offer them another gig? I recently changed up my gigs just for my best Fiverr buyers in order to offer them a new service. Then sent them all a message about the new offer. Increased my sales by 10% for the week. I love my Fiverr buyers!

Fiverr has a process of gig delivering, you write down the buyer instruction, then the buyer response your instruction, in this way you can deliver your gig. So write something in it to push your buyer, at least tell them say “Hi” to response your instructions, then you will provide the download link. Good luck!

Great Tips. It will definitely help a newbie like me.

I just posted my first gig on Answering Conception / Pregnancy related questions.

But in my case, since the buyer has to ask me a Question, I have to send him / her some instructions.

Just a little nice to know thingy here: The whole “leave it blank” statement is obviously a bad idea if you’re selling a 24h gig. :wink: Self explanatory right? Every second you get extra counts here, nothing worse than delivering late.

This thread has made me think I am going to adjust my instructions for my family tree gig because I end up sending the client a txt file for information is required. Not enough room for me to type everything needed. Thanks for this thread

just leave it blank

which is required to complete the gig.

what do you mean?