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Making of gig video turned in to an ordeal!

I have some experience in video making and i have allot of video editing/creating software (after effects, a couple of corels video editing programs, pinnacle etc).

So i figured making a video for my fiverr gig would be simple and that i would make one for one of my gigs in my workshop before i head home.

So i began when the local time was 19:30

  • wrote a simple manuscript 20 minutes
  • setup my camera and got to work (as this was my first time in front of a videocamera it took a few tries)
  • looked for camera cable 30 minutes so i could transfer the video to my old dusty workshop laptop

    at this point the time was 21:30
  • opened the video for editing and realised the microphone on my camera isnt working properly
  • tried to fix the microphone and realised its not broke its just really lousy.

    time 22:00
  • skipped the manuscript and decided to film when a draw instead.
  • this worked fine as the gig is a drawing gig so i edited

    time 00:00
  • logged in to fiverr and begun uploading the video on the ancient wireless connection i have in my workshop.
  • 30 minutes in to it i realised i forgot to add Exclusive on fiverr message so i quit the upload and back to editing.

    time 0:45
  • Uploading again but at the end my connection was lost

    time 1:20

    At this point i wasn’t in the best possible mood, had a headache and was hungry as earlier i had forgot to bring my lunch (i did other work in my workshop for 6 hours before i started this).
  • Had some coffee and spent 10 minutes looking for aspirin before i figured i have non
  • Decided to put the video on a usb drive and continue at home
  • Packed up my gear and changed the oil on my scooter

    time 1:40
  • my scooter didn’t start on the first try, on the second try the kickstarter broke and jammed up completely
  • unpacked my gear and began taking the kickstarter apart

    time 2:00
  • figured out the problem, the kickstarter gear had cracked, so i removed the broken parts and figured i would start using the starter button and go home

    time 3:10
  • i had forgot the lights on when working on the scooter so battery was dead
  • new plan, had some parts from an old engine that might fit
  • took the old engine apart and grabbed the kickstarter gears
  • realised on of them wont fit the current engine but somehow i still managed to get it working and my scooter started up
  • drove 10 minutes and there was a strange sound
  • back to the workshop
  • op everything up
  • found problem and fixed it

    time 6:00 in the morning

  • finally got home (my workshop is kinda off the grid and it takes one and a half hour to drive home)

    time 7:30
  • no energy to upload the video so i went to sleep

    12:00 uploaded the video but found some topics stating that videos without sound might not get approved.

    End of rant and back to positive thinking


    My good luck continues! Just got an email stating that my video did not pass our moderators’ review due to lack of audio. For some reason i got the message twice even though the first upload attempt failed. The email also states "Please Note: You may upload a new video up to three times. After the third time, Fiverr holds the right to disable the upload video feature."

    So now i have to decide if i should head on back to my workshop and risk a third failure and possibly get the video upload feature disabled or just stay forget about the video.