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Making offers ,then changing prices

If a seller quotes me an offer, does he have to accept it if I agree? Many sellers offer a very keen price but after I talk to them and accept, their price changes immediately.Thanks.

It depends, what are you looking for?

If you tell the seller that you need X, and the seller tells you the price for X, and then it turns out that you also need Y and Z, it’s normal for seller to increase the price.

It could be a miscommunication issue.

From my previous experience,I saw if a sellers send you a customs offer and you accept it,Price shouldn’t be changed.
This is because during sending customs offer,a seller send the offer with a fixed price.
But if you purchase a different gig from same seller,Price may varies.

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Mistakes happen sometimes, a seller is no different to a retailer.

If the order is placed, based on an initial price then the work that should be done is what was originally asked for, not any extra “little things” that were discussed afterwards.

Finally, Buyer Requests can only be responded to as an offer. When I am asking for more information, I still have to put a price which can lead to confusion, I usually explain that the price is not an offer though.

Before accepting anything, make sure both sides are communicating clearly in regards to what is included. VERY clear order specs need to be explicitly put on paper to avoid disappointment - ‘X and Y will be done for $, and in case Z is needed, the price increases to $$’.

Misunderstanding can potentially come from either end…

No, once you accept his offer the order starts. A seller can ask for more money later, and you’re free to say no.

With that said, please don’t message sellers unless they ask you to do so.

It depends, what are you looking for?

sometimes, you’ll get more prices because of reasons and sellers will tell you why. Anyway, you can try My Gigs Vector Services, please contact me before you place an orders.

I have recently had the unpleasant experience of bait and switch twice. I put out a request and was specific as 250 words allows. A 3d cad drawing for a house front so I could visualize color ways. I received several offers. Each response was met with additional negotiation and cancellation of order. My specs had not changed only specs about color and to what surface applied. Very frustrating and as a buyer I feel ripped off as it was a total waste of my time.

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If they give you an offer they should send you a custom offer. If you accept the custom offer then they have to either do it at that price or cancel the sale.

If they simply send a message that it will cost $10 then no they can change it.

price varies with your demands .when you have asked for one product the seller gives the price according to the product but when you change your requirements it is right of the seller to adjust the price accordingly.

Depends on what you want, it is important to carefully choose the vendors according to their “Gig”. When you choose a seller does not leave you alone to capture the image of the cover, but Gig laws well where it is written what the seller offers for a certain price. If you request to a seller an option not specified in Gig the price goes up. Before you make an offer you can come to an agreement with the seller on what you want at a certain price. So once you propose an offer it is sure that the price is the one agreed.

I hope this was helpful! :slight_smile:

If it was via buyer request, quotes often change as sellers are forced to quote to reply (didn’t use to be that way). So they will often put $5 and in the text put they need full details to provide an accurate quote.

If it was a custom order via messages after you had talked, then it should change, unless you request work that was not defined earlier.

hey buddy, i think i have done the also lol’z . but just a request if a buyer bid a 5 usd and one days… means he want to have a conversation over order then want to finalize it. please keep this in mind
DG :slight_smile: