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Making Sales - is it really that hard?

Although I have been a member since 2017, I had never used my account for anything. I had no idea how the buying experience worked and I had no idea how selling worked.

Last month I decided I waned to get some quick work so I decided to setup a few gigs for php coding. I spent perhaps 15 minutes setting up my profile. Then when it came to setting up gigs I asked myself two simple questions, ‘what can I offer for $20?’ and ‘what can I offer that is unlikely others are offering?’

I didn’t do any optimization really. I just added photos of previous things I have developed and described what I was offering.

In the past 6 weeks I have completed 3 custom order gigs, am working on a 4th, and have a 5th person I am discussing their needs with.

Of the three gigs I completed all were 5 star rated.

Today I was curious what happens if someone refuses to accept your work (I have found the answer) which brought me to the forums. I then found tips for sellers and see countless posts talking about how long it takes to get your first gig and how to optimize and all sorts of other things.

My recommendation is simple - Think about what you can do that others are not offering. Fine tune your offers to specific niches. When buyers find you are doing work specific to the niche they want, even if others are offering the same, they feel you will know more about their specific needs.

I really don’ think it should take all that much effort to earn with this site, but i could just be my specific experiences and area of services.


This is fantastic! Thanks for your input into this fantastic community :slight_smile:, really, reallly do appreciate it.


I tried to learn PHP coding one time and lasted only about one hour before I gave up, so you have a really hard in demand skill that it’s not easy for anyone to do. So you have had an easier time than some for that reason.


I guess this is one of the big questions, here. I’ll stick to this topic and try to learn what others answer. Thanks for putting it up.


Yes. No. It depends. :wink: (For example, on your “specific experiences and area of services”, yes, very much, I’d say, and, even more generally, on you. :slight_smile:

If you set up your profile in 15 minutes and spent some time to think on two questions before setting up your gigs, your gigs might very well look more enticing to buyers than those of both others who spent just 5 minutes and copied someone else’s gigs instead of asking themselves even one question as well as of those who spent 15 days.

If you spend more time on the forum, you’ll know why making sales is really easy and really hard at the same time.

All the optimizing tips may yet come in handy if you experience drops in your ratings which might not even be your fault and result in your gigs not getting as many impressions (if nobody sees your gigs, nobody but regulars will buy them), or if the “I leveled up, no orders anymore” phenomenon catches you, if you’ll have to take an extended break using the out of office mode, etc.

Good recommendation in any case, and here’s to you never having to deal with unreasonable buyers, accidental bad reviews because someone confused you with one of their other many sellers, response rate getting under the level-keeping threshold because of spam messages that shouldn’t count, and the like. There are quite a few booby-traps, and the earlier in your Fiverr career you encounter them, or rather perhaps, they encounter you, the more devastating they can be for making sales.
However, if you have an actual valuable skill that other people are willing to pay for and that is worth paying for, and observe and think, you’ll probably be fine.

Welcome to the forum, good to have you here!


I think it probably is quite a lot to do with the service you are offering.
Most of the posts about not getting any sales come from people offering I will design a logo or I will remove image backgrounds which are made with no effort to differentiate themselves from the literal 100,000 similar gigs in those areas.
Compare that to your service offering PHP scripting having less than 500 gigs and you begin to see why you have received some orders. Do be aware that you have likely received a boost in ranking position as a new gig and that may change at some point - try find ways to make your service repeatable/ongoing so you are not constantly looking for new clients.


This is fantastic!
do appreciate it.

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good job, i like I will be your same