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Making the Most of Your Low Budget


As Buyer trying to get the best services from the best Sellers for the lowest prices can something be complicated and often times impossible. As a Buyer you cannot deny the quality of services on offer by the Top Sellers; but if your budget is low you simply don’t have a choice.

Here are my recommendations from past experiences where you can get the most out of your budget (BANG FOR YOU BUCK!)From Star Sellers:

  1. From the START of the conversations advise the Seller of your Budget for this project (BUYERS RARELY DO THIS!), By doing this you will have opened up to the Seller from the beginning and even if your budget falls below the total price quoted by the Seller, I can guarantee you would’ve received a consideration or discount.

  2. In the event that, the total price quoted exceeds your budget, It would be best to try split your project into multiple parts if possible and advise the Seller that you will be returning at a later date to complete the rest of the project; and that you will require part(s) of the project done now. By doing so you must deem the order as completed (and leave a review accordingly for that part of the project done). By doing this; it will be appreciated strongly by the Seller(as Seller often times offer discounts to returning customer they like and have no problem giving you small discount of the quoted price).

    3)Try to offer the Seller something non-monetary in exchange such as promotion to friends etc.

    It must be noted thereafter, that Sellers have no problem giving a small consideration to efforts made to come to a mutual agreeable price(rather than using a negative negotiation tactic) but at no point should the Buyers seek to force upon Sellers, statements such as "If you cannot do this for $5 dollar someone else will!”. Sellers work hard to provide a deliverable that is of very high quality and Seller should justly be rewarded for providing that Service.

    As a High Seller, the above are some scenarios where I personally was more than happy to grant a Buyer a small considerations/ discounts to.

    All the Best My Fellow Fiverr Members!

    Sheriff’s Note: To clarify, there is no level or title called “High Seller.”


Rightly so indeed!, these are very similar to cases where I have had too myself granted Buyers discounts as well.

great post


Very valid and in most cases I personally will always seek to come to a mutually agreeable price.

@dwaynexbrown I had the same but also using some very negative negotiation tactics too as well.

@legalteam good tips for potential buyers on a budget constraint.


great recommendations!


Thank you for this, I have also offered some deals as well to my repeat buyers.


@mikewilliamson thank you


@julipalmer7 Your welcome; and offering such is a good habit that will lead to good results in the future


@aboveandbeyond7 thanks


Some basic price such as $ 5 may not do much for the service, but $ 5 has meaning, you have command and work on it.

And we always work very well.
So for buyers appreciate sellers who have been willing to sacrifice time and sell quality service for $ 5


@seobookmarkbest thats is true, the need for greater appreciation is a must instead of treating Sellers as possible servants.


I too sometimes offer in exchange for a lower fee on some worthwhile community project, to include on the technical supporters page, your “name”, “url”, “services provided”, “value” of services provided.

Catch 22 says on new projects with minimal traffic, busier sellers are too often not interested. But it doesn’t hurt to try.


@wordpress_luv I like that offer of yours; and it never hurts to try in this unpredictable world


very helpful


thank you! @the_designhub


@mikewilliamson have you encountered instances of any of these


I am sure that you mis-understood his meaning. He meant HE was high and selling at the same time.