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Making Videos for Fiverr DL

Hi all, I use my own custom Deep Learning program to make my videos in the “style” of some other image. Does anyone here think they will sell? I use either Stock footage that I’ve made in a Videogame or real life, or I can offer to buy some stock footage for you. OR you can just give me footage to use. What does everyone think? I’m looking for criticism.


It’s hard to tell without a gig video on the gig, but maybe the gig video is still waiting to be approved.
It says you can use stock footage of a game - I’d make sure you have the rights (copyright) to use the game footage for it or if not it might be better not to use game footage (to be safe according to the TOS).

The Video is awaiting approval. but it’s visually similar to this (by me and BB):

With regards to Game footage, either i’m recording it, or the buyer recorded it and wants me to paint over it.

But would you have the necessary rights to use the game footage to sell in videos with your buyer’s logo on top of? If not, it’s best not to use it.

I wouldn’t use a watermark… but I see what you’re getting at. I should make an edit.

Could you please explain what you mean by the rights of the videos? I’m quite confused. Also I updated the description of the gig.

I mean game footage is protected by copyright/IP rights. Do a web search for “copyright in game footage” or similar. Some game companies might be okay with gameplay footage but may not be okay with people selling their game footage with other people’s branding overlaid. You’d need permission from whenever owns the copyright/IP rights to the game footage I’d think before you can use it commercially (selling it with branding, even I’d think with an effect applied).

The only game I’d use is GTA V because of the rockstar editor and it’s many recording features. According to Rockstar Games: there’s nothing stopping me from using footage for “non-commercial purposes” meaning using the footage to sell merch.
Also, this guy has a Fiverr gig that is just recording gameplay of any game so yeah…

This seems like I’m getting conflicting answers. Because there are ppl on this site that sell gameplay footage to YouTubers like it’s perfectly fine. My processing will filter the video to be near unrecognizable anyways. :man_shrugging:

So they say “Generally Take-Two Interactive does not object to fans using materials for non-commercial uses”. But if you were selling the videos with the user’s branding or derivative works (eg. the videos put through some processing/filter) you’d be using them (take two interactive’s materials) for commercial use. They haven’t said they would be okay with that (using the footage commercially for that).

So it would be much safer to use footage that there definitively won’t be any rights issues with.

Though I think there would be a market for deep learning generated/semi-generated videos.

Right… So I removed the mention of videogame footage from the gig, I’m still going to be processing the user’s video submission. I’m going to have to assume they own the rights to the footage.