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Making Your Customer Satisfied

Here are many ways to pursue the customer.
actually best seller is who can make his/her customer agreed with the product he/she is going to sell or provide.
this trust comes in the following ways

1=> try to fulfill the customers need
2=> negotiate with your customer to get a clear image of what you are going to provide
3=> talk with your customer without any hesitation or fear to build the trust.when you will show your interest in someone’s project,you will surely trusted.
4=> always keep in mind the provided requirements
5=> be chatty with your customer if he/she is having an old idea of something which can make the success arrow down in the market and suggest them a better solution and alterations which can help them to grow their business too
6=> always focus on the trust building,faithful and friendly conversation with your customers. this thing will make them to consider you for next project assignment
7=> Always try to provide top quality of your work and keep touch with latest market needs and issues.your information level about the market actually wins the heart of your customer.

these were some of my findings and experience i wanted to share with you because i have been seeing that new comers feel unsafe and worried about handling their customer.
i hope this post will help them most

Those are great tips. Thanks for sharing!

you are welcome

Find jobs in Buyer Requests that you’re qualified for, and apply to them. Also, be patient. It’s hit or miss the first couple of weeks to have someone contact you, but it definitely picks up!

Right on target, alexa! I believe being tuned in to the customer, and courteous to their needs, will pay off both in establishing business relationships, and in developing repeat clients!

The overall theme of your post couldn’t be more spot on! The immutable law of the universe that what you give is what you will also receive.

Customer service is so important in any business, especially an internet based business such as this.

Be transparent, keep your customer informed every step of the way, and have their best interest at heart and you will be successful.

Most importantly, focus on the results you can bring for the client. Remember that people are only interested in whats in it for them.

Treat your customers like gold and be the best seller that you can be. We have a responsibility as sellers to be our very best and treat the fiverr platform like the amazing opportunity that it is!