Making your first sale


Hello I’m Andy, new to selling here on fiver but already have a few gigs listed.

Just out of curiosity how long does it usually take to receive your first gig? obviously it depends on what you are selling but what I’m getting at is how do you get people to buy from you when you have no feedback? or is it usually a struggle for most people.

I am fairly experienced with web design photoshop html css3 etc so hopefully they will start flooding in. I have noticed 1 of my gigs got 24k views in a little over a day and under 200 on my others strangely, however no purchases as of yet unfortunately. Just playing around to see what works for me at the moment and any tips would be greatly appreciated.


I would start by promoting your gigs on Twitter and Facebook to generate some traffic. Stay active in the forums and comment on the Fiverr blog. Don’t rely on coming up in the searches.


Make videos for all of your videos, even if you feel they aren’t needed. Fiverr places gigs with videos and clear descriptions in pretty high positions. If you can get some good initial orders, you have a good chance of being properly indexed in a reasonable position as long as it’s clear what you’re offering and are in the right category. Some categories are overly competitive so if you find one that might be ideal but don’t show up, try a second one. Also. Very important. Keyword targeting is very beneficial on this page. What I mean is determining ideal keywords for your gigs and bringing in traffic to the gigs on the relevant keywords. Also, in all your gigs you should mention “how did you find me?” in the gig requirements to get a good idea of how the users who do end up buying from you are searching for you. I did this in the past with great success and got sales I wouldn’t have got if I didn’t figure out where people were most finding me and refine it as best I could with SEO techniques. This users thread more clearly describes what I am referring to,


I sold my first Gig on my second day… Just promote it a bit, make a video and make something worth actually more then 5$, later on you will be able to make it more expensive…


Some great advice here, thanks guys. I think i will now create videos for each of my gigs and maybe a little promo and fingers crossed that should do it.

Wish me luck.


Search through all the similar sellers and offer someething that other people are not offering. Add that value and promote, that will bring you some sales. And then try and keep one customer so happy that you will get atleast one order recurring basis. good luck.


Merhaba oynama kamera sistemleri burada satış için yeni Andy, değilim ama zaten listede birkaç konser var. Sadece meraktan soruyorum ilk konser almak için ne kadar genellikle sürer? belli ki ne satıyoruz bağlıdır ama ne ben de alıyorum hiçbir geri bildirim olduğunda nasıl insanlar sizden satın alırım? ya da genellikle çoğu insan için bir mücadeledir. Oldukça yüzden umarım onlar benim bir gün boyunca ve 200 altında kısa bir sürede 24k manzarası var kamera sistemleri benim konser 1 fark etmiş içeri sel başlayacak web tasarım photoshop html CSS3 vb deneyimli am garip diğerleri, ancak henüz ne yazık ki itibariyle alımları. Sadece şu anda benim için çalışıyor ve herhangi bir ipucu büyük takdir görmek kamera sistemleri ve güvenlik alarm fiyatlari için uğraşırken. - See more at:


I made my first sales using the ‘buyer request’ and in fact most of my sales in the first month were from buyer request! Make use of that and add new gigs according to buyers’ needs


Thanks great advice,

I’ve put my '‘first buyer’ request in today the only problem being is that there seems to be so much competition for each job.


Ok so the videos have been uploaded, lets hope i see an increase on 0 sales so far.


Finally :smiley: I have delivered my first (and second) fiverr gig and recieved a 5 star rating on both, Im hoping that this will be the start of many - as i build up my feedback.

Im feeling alot happier now :slight_smile:


Congrats and wishing you more sales :slight_smile:


Thanks @ryuken and @madmoo, and I also hope you are right madmoo :slight_smile: