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Making your own residual income

Everyone is informed and interested in one area or another in life… Whether it is electronics, sports, jewelry, clothing or something else, everyone knows something about something.

My goal here is to find a way for you to monetize an area of life you are knowledgeable in.

By ordering my gig, you are asking me to go onto the world wide web and find different ways of making you a residual commission that will earn you money on the side or as your main source of income.

$5 gig

You get 4 different ways of making money residually.

The packages come in different sizes. You can set up a network in different areas, or focus on one single niche. It is your choice.

Take a look at the gig options, and let me know what works best for you and your situation.

Some of the ways you make the residual income are pay per click, landing pages, and link advertising on places like blogs and forums.

Depending on what you want will determine the price, and ultimately your return on investment.