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Malicious/abusive order

I’d cancel it just because I read Fiverr often takes buyers’ sides.

The malicious buyer is messaging me to argue that he/she didn’t do this to anyone else, and is pretending like they are just a buyer who changed their mind. But your order and mine look very similar – they didn’t ask questions ahead of time, they ticked every box to add services, and they disputed and cancelled immediately.

Did anybody else have this happen recently with a brand-new account?

(I know that arguing with a buyer is like wrestling with a pig. Everybody gets filthy, but the pig likes it.)

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Oh. I’m not new anymore but I had two buyers like this (going through CS to cancel saved my cancellation rate!) They both ordered the same gig if I remember well, one ordering a multitude of extras in a weird way (commercial rights x4, etc.) the other seemed harmless and I do get the odd order without much info at first so I was a bit surprised. Before I could have even reached out (I believe I was having dinner both times lol) they both canceled with two different reasons: the first one (with the odd extras) said that they chose someone else (after spending a LOT of money, well, for me) and the second one just admitted that they have mistakenly placed the order…

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Sorry, that wasn’t clear – I didn’t mean that my account is new, I meant the buyer just created a brand-new account.

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Ah, I misread that then (I’m a bit tired!) but yeah so the same thing happened more or less… It’s a bit weird…

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Exactly! It’s so damn weird and cringy…

I mean… it COULD be accidental (I’ve even thought maybe kids stole their parents phones or something but it’s a bit odd for sure.

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That made me laugh because of the nature of my work haha It could be! But I think it’s foul play

One of the biggest red flags was that the amount of my order and yours were identical – $950. And they somehow got to that figure by selecting a variety of gig options. That’s not how most of my customers work with me, they almost always need a Custom Order to align with their diverse projects.

I’m disappointed that there’s no easy way to report this kind of buyer, so the problem is likely to continue for other sellers.

Mine is 945 (I double-checked just now). I mean, we can report them but they can most likely make no accounts without any problems. CS just closed both the bigger and smaller orders for me and just decided they were done by accident but… how do you spent a thousand bucks by accident?
Like…wouldn’t that be odd to CS at least?

I’m not having a go at you, but it does wind me up when I see sellers say things like ‘my gig states that buyers have to contact me before placing an order’. The reality is that buyers don’t have to contact you before ordering!

Yes, it makes entire sense that a buyer and a seller discuss a potential collaboration ahead of a large and creative project, and a buyer that doesn’t do so is either naive, desperate, stupid or a potential fraudster - but at the end of the day, a buyer definitely does not have to message before ordering.