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Malicious requests

hello everyone. I have posted my gig wich had to do with gudlines for travellers in Athens Greece. You can imagine my surpsrise when the first request I got was from someone asking me to send him a video with me saying hello with my underwear on. OMG!!!.I have replied in a very polite manner that I DO NOT PROVIDE THAT KIND OF SERVICES! But still…I am really disappointed of what is out there… :frowning:

I don’t know why meeting somebody to take him/her out to bars (where you are surrounded by people) might be considered more dangerous that meeting somebody to discuss some other regular business. And probably is much more fun.

Regarding the profile picture, I don’t find anything wrong with it. Maybe you’ll get one of those petitions once in a while, but I don’t find them wrong either. They’re not asking you to do anything illegal. Just say no if you don’t want to do it, and keep going. You say that you don’t provide that kind of services, but how does a potencial buyer know? If you begin to get many of those messages, just write in your gig that you don’t want to be contacted for that kind of things.

misscrystal said: How would you meet with people without giving them your contact information? That's against fiverr's TOS.

Contact info exchange is only against Fiverr's TOS only if done as a way to circumvent their platform. From the TOS: "Any necessary exchange of personal information required to continue a service may be exchanged within the order page."

Hi, welcome to Fiverr. Sorry you’ve had such a bad experience but there’s not a lot of buyers that are like that. I had one who wanted me to write an erotic story about me and him! It was quite creepy!

Honestly, @sofiatsop, I would suggest that you use a professional profile photo. I clicked on your profile and your photo appears (although it may not be) a picture of a young woman wearing nothing but jewelry. People make assumptions and they may be bad assumptions, but it happens. I know it’s all the rage on Fiverr to put picture of young attractive women on a profile photo, but if you want to be taken seriously, take the right steps. It doesn’t excuse bad buyers, it’s just a suggestion.

Updated to say - I took a closer look at your gig. It indicates that you will basically go on a tour WITH the buyer and that if they pay extra, you’ll “bar crawl” with them, whatever that means. Seriously?

Try using a different and more professional photo, not one of you naked with only jewlery.

Also, your English is not too good so I think your description may be misleading to buyers and makes it sound like you do “other” things.

Try a new photo with clothes on, and then maybe try and rewrite your title of your gig and your gig write up to be a little more clear on what you are actually selling.

$20 to have a pretty lady bar crawl with a stranger is a good deal. Who pays for the drinks?

How would you meet with people without giving them your contact information? That’s against fiverr’s TOS.

So she can give them her phone number and email address? I thought the system warned people if they send an email address.

Reply to @misscrystal: I only know for sure what the TOS says. But by reading it, I believe that the automatic warning would be triggered if you do that, but if you then contact CS and they clearly see that you need that info to deliver your service, they’ll be fine with it.

Besides, I’ve seen more than one gig that sells online classes or assistance through Skype, and that’s personal contact info too. And at least one of the sellers was a TR seller. I don’t think he’ll have that badge doing something against the TOS.

Reply to @sincere18: I’m not sure if she has already changed her description but as of right now her gig info does not in any way possible suggest she will do “other things”

Reply to @misscrystal: Haha that was my immediate thought. In all seriousness though, it could be dangerous to do that Sofia. Be careful/Please remove that option for your safety.

Reply to @idesigngraphic:

Here is what I read:

"The ultimate guide line for the underground hipster (or not) bar scene of Athens. To does and don’ts. All of the info you are not gonna get from the on-line guides (who are actually getting paid to advertize places).
Extra tips for sectret events that comes to my knowledge and pop-up bars.
Plan your trip. Let me know when you are coming 5 days in advance and I will prepare the ultimate to do list.
You just need to provide some guidelines on the short of music you are in to and the budget you are willing to spend.
On the extra (for 25EUR) you get to bar crawl with me! "

Remember not everyone reading this has good English skills. But for me I kind of raised an eyebrow on “secret events” and the whole “For an extra 25EUR”, I will come out and party with you on a bar crawl, could lead people to believe it is not really a bar crawl. So she is offering Escort services in that regard, especially when she is using a photo that appears as though she is naked.

Reply to @sincere18: The whole bar crawl thing is weird/dangerous I get that. On reflection I can see why it may look like that now. Coming from London, there are secret events all the time that someone who lives here who is quite into certain music scenes will know about and a tourist will have a lot more difficulty finding events like that. So I just assumed it’s secret events like that wherever she is rather than anything else. I can see now that perhaps that won’t be everyone’s first thought.

Reply to @idesigngraphic: ok, that is fair bout the secret events, but that you are from London it is a bit more common, but for many people they may not know that. Here in the US I don’t think we would use the word “secret” but rather “underground” events.

But in general it’s really all about peoples first thoughts, and the first thing people really see is the photo.

Reply to @belengarcia: true on the ToS contact information, however the sellers states for an extra 25EUR they will go on a bar crawl but that is not listed as one of the gig extras. So that leads many people to believe it would be paid to her directly.

Reply to @misscrystal: only AFTER a gig is purchased, so some people have to exchange contact information in order to actually produce the gig. Just think about a resume for that matter, of course you need to give the seller your full name, address and email, but that should not be happening until after the gig is purchased.

Reply to @sincere18: yes, you’re right. I didn’t realized her extra was for shopping, I thought that was the bar crawl one.

Reply to @belengarcia: Yes, CS will often give permission for things that are required for a gig. However, adult services are not permitted in any case at all. What the seller in this case is describing would be unlikely to fly if CS catches it. Since her photo appears to be without clothes that already hints at the “adult” part, offering to take someone to bars goes a step further, and offering to receive additional money outside Fiverr (in person) is also against ToS.

Skype is such an entirely different thing. Even then, TRS can and have violated ToS before and lost their TRS badges. Of course, they didn’t have those gigs up when they got the badge, but some go months or years breaking rules before they go far enough or get reported enough to get a review by Fiverr editors.