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Malware Detected! Be Careful

Hello guys, be careful at the buyer request section if somebody ask you to download a file and check before send a quote. Today i have downloaded a file suddenly it shows on my system that malware detected and my system became slow. I have deleted the file at the same time, here i am attaching a screenshot of the buyer who attached the file. Malware has the ability to crash your system or it will hide anywhere on the program files and collect information without your knowledge.


This is why I never click on outside url, if it is not from some trusted site like youtube or vimeo.

Beside this malware things I have also noticed buyer adding a shortend url, when you open those it basically redirects user to their gigs page.

I guess they do so to increase their gigs impression which improve the ranking but this is not a good way also out of fiverr tos.

Thanks for the tips. Please let me know if clicking on a. jpg, .doc or. txt file can also cause the same issue?

That never happened to me, but if you click a link shortener you have to be careful…

Thanks for that. I’m super-careful about clicking links or files on buyer requests for this reason.

Also keep a powerful antivirus for the system…

Yay thanks for the heads up! :smiley: Yes, any shortened URL or outside link that looks like “” is 2000% malware and a virus.


Thanks for alert

Yes I have same experience as you. I had a message asking to do a sample before ordering. I downloaded it but my virus guard detected that file is a Trojan horse. Please every one keep your virus guards updated and recheck file extension before open it. Most of viruses come with .exe extension and never ever double click on files which you download like this

But i think fiverr is having a team for checking buyer request section, i guess…

… or use a Mac! :slight_smile:

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if you have yahoo! e-mail, it scans the attachment before letting you attach it to your e-mail and before you can download an attachment, it scans it. I am sure Fiverr could add this.

Thanks a lot for this info. I never thought of it and would click the files and even keep them saved on my devices but I will be very careful now.

good @nisadee

They upload suspicious harmful file to other website and give shorten url in buyer request. I think fiver does not check each and every given url.

thanks a lot, i’m not aware of this

Thanks a lot

Some youtubers are also misusing the buyer request section by posting their video link inorder to get more views.

waooooo thanks!!! am happy for this tip

Thanks for the tip.