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Malware on final product

Someone at FIVERR needs to contact me.
The seller I engaged embedded a malware in the final product.
This seller needs to be removed.
I contacted FIVERR and there is an 18-20 hour response time for customer service to deal with the issue.


I’m sorry that you had to experience this. :slightly_frowning_face:

I’m afraid there is no other way other than to wait for those 18-20 hours until you get a response back from Fiverr. I hope Fiverr deals with the seller accordingly.

However, I am not sure if it is a bannable offense. All buyers and sellers need to be careful and scan all attachments they get. I always scan all attachments I get from my buyers before opening them (by default).


Hi @txwylie,

May I please ask what type of file was delivered to you? If the delivery was more than 1 file, were they sent separately?

Zip files. Scanned them before download with Norton. Then Malwarebytes picked them up on a scan and allowed me to quarantine them.

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This could be the problem and not the seller having bad intentions to send you a virus.

Please, don’t unserstand me wrong, I’m not saying it wouldn’t be possible, I’m just giving an alternate reason for what could have happened.

If the seller’s computer was already infected without knowing so, the folder which contained your files would be infected too.


That’s wonderful that you ran the scan and caught it before it infected your electronics. Having read your first post, I assumed that your computer/laptop/phone had already gotten infected. Good that you ran the anti-vrus/malware scan. Your content is safe!

Please recheck, because some additional factors might be unchecked, for this, the seller might lose his account