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Man-Baby Buyer Gets My Account Disabled with His Tantrum

So, I had this buyer whom I’ve been working with since November 2019 and have always had a good working relationship with. If you went through my reviews, you’d notice the buyer has left many laudatory 5 star ones, but the buyer showed an uglier side with this last order, flaring unprofessionalism, immaturity, and TOS violations.

He has been harassing me with crude and demeaning messages and insults for the past two days, insisting that I’m a “fraud,” “bully,” “deceptive,” and “paid someone else to do the work,” none of which is true.

It all went wrong when the buyer decided he wanted to change the outline to the novel we’ve been drafting. All fine by me. I told him that because the order we were in the process of doing was already mostly done, it would cost extra to have the portion rewritten. He tells me that’s all good, and I think it’s over.

Flash forward to a couple of days ago, he decides he wants me to rewrite 10,000 words of material for free and count it as a revision. I politely let him know that according to TOS, it’s my prerogative to charge extra but that I’d do it for free just this once since he was a valued customer.

Then he started going off, barraged me with messages about being a “fraud” and “deceitful” and “violating his rights.” Basically, he’s been throwing a tantrum. I tell him that I’m still “happy to do a revision” and deliver the complete order.

Since then, he’s been trying to cancel the order and still harassing me with messages. Last night, my account was disabled, and all my active orders (both buyer and seller) were canceled. I’d already had my own CS ticket open on him. My CS person helped me escalate the issue and get my account back, and they told me to “communicate with the buyer” and the usual spiel about not being able to force buyers to complete orders.

The account disabling ruined my stats and made me lose 3 orders on seller side and 3 on buyer, some of which I’ve recovered in the past 8 hours and some I haven’t.

I don’t care if he leaves me a 1-star review, but I’m not about to cancel and not be paid for 3 weeks and $800’s worth of work over a buyer who has violated TOS multiple times and been abusive with his language. I’ve sent screenshots and everything to CS and kept my tone polite and professional, but nothing’s been done to this buyer yet.

I’m still waiting on CS to respond to see if they’ll fix my stats since the cancellations weren’t my fault and the disabling on my account wasn’t due to a TOS violation or warning (probably man-baby buyer’s *uninterested CS agent).

At this point, I’m just denying cancellation and messaging the buyer that I’m still happy to do a free revision on the work if he’s unhappy and is willing to submit what he wants to be changed. I’m praying that he doesn’t whine enough to get someone to cancel the order or something; I once denied a cancellation 273 times before the buyer quit and left me a 1-star review, and I’m willing to do it again if needed.

First, he’d been telling me to “let the authorities handle it,” but by the way he keeps requesting a cancellation, I’m thinking CS isn’t buying it… (let’s hope not)

He’s said he’ll use the revision button to keep the order from completing, which I’m pretty sure is a TOS violation.

One thing I’ve found funny in this whole situation was how he told me to stop being “cordial.” My only response has been the screenshot and variations of happy to do the revision if you request it.

I don’t know how they disabled my account for no reason and haven’t disabled him when the buyer has literally been saying things like this and sending non-stop messages:

He’s been repeating this forever… I’m hoping the fact that I’ve kept my cool this long and stayed professional (unlike him) will sway CS in my favor to leave it alone and let him tire himself out as all toddlers eventually do. So done with immature buyers. :pouting_cat:


This doesn’t indicate that he’s a good buyer and that you had a great relationship.

It indicates that he was grooming you so he could exploit and manipulate you. And that’s exactly what he did.

Sorry he did this to you. Please don’t credit him for having been a good person. He wasn’t and he doesn’t deserve the credit.


So sorry this is happening to you. This is awful.


I’m so sorry to know about this, @graphtersawyer.

Just hold on and keep strong. Don’t let him get away with it.


I think I encountered your buyer, they contacted me to do re-writing work on a 53,000 word novel. They made a rude comment to ‘read the information i sent’ when I asked if they had an approximate word count for the amount of rewriting so I blocked them (I have a zero tolerance policy, if some is rude and demanding I’d rather block than deal with the drama of an order with them). They referred to the other writer working on it as ‘Graph’. Just spotted them in your reviews!


Graph is definitely me. :rofl:

Well, you dodged a bullet! I’m glad someone did. The weird thing is that he’d always approve the work and stay it was “stunning” and leave 5 star reviews. And when things weren’t going the way he wanted— I offered him what he wanted for free, but he didn’t want to see it as such— he turned.

Really feeling sorry for you, I hope CS will do what’s right here. That said … 273 times? 0.0 Patience of a saint!


Sorry this happened to you, be strong and hope this ends well. Today CS cancelled one order that I’ve done 7 days ago and was completed, buyer was not happy with the delivery, after the first revision she asked for a refund and did that 2-3 times, of course I denied it and asked her how to fix the issue but with no luck. After the order autocomplete she left a 1 star review, like expected , and everything seemed fine.

First notification in the morning that I got was that CS canceled the order … -.-

Wrote a ticket today to ask CS if they can maybe remove her review because I lost time, money working on that order and also got my first 1 star review on that Gig that has over 2k reviews :confused: but I doubt they will…


I’m happy that your account is back and hope it gets resolved in your favor. It’s very unsettling to see them just throwing trigger words for fiverr to react. I can’t even say for sure if it’s a long con in its final stage or a person having an episode of some sort. Or both.

I had someone exploding in my face like this once after I declined to work with them any further. We did 8 posters together and unfortunately, he liked the 8th one too much. He then just decided in his head that I was going to make another 10 for him and that we had an agreement of some kind about it (we didn’t). I told him I took orders as they came and couldn’t fit another 10 into my queue. He proceeded to yell at me in my inbox for not honoring an agreement we didn’t have but eventually left me alone.

PS This is truly impressive:


I am so sorry to hear of this @graphtersawyer. I pray all ends well for you.


Unbelievable. How could they disable your account?? I don’t want to be pessimistic and I would like to believe that some CS agent can simply press a button and make things as they were, but I am afraid they are unable to fix how algorithm works. I think that even though they can fix the stats in your analytics page, the majority of things are left for the algorithm to decide which makes it hard to go back directly to a previous state of sollicitations and orders. It is unhuman and bad for everybody, for us sellers, for buyers and especially for fvierr but I think thats the way it is.

I surely hope and wish for you to come out of this mess quickly.


Out of all, this part interested me the most. haha
Are you trying to be sarcasm or do you actually count it? haha


Ughhhh, I’m happy that you got your account back!

Didn’t they give you a “reason” or an email with why they disabled it? Did they just restrict your account with no email or explanation?

Such a nerve!

The only other person on this forum who managed to get his account back is @iamsachmusic and if I remember correctly they gave his account back they never fixed his stats.

But I hope you’ll be able to get CS to fix it. But even if they wouldn’t fix the number itself they can make it not affect your level promotion/demotion


Oh no… I’m so sorry to hear about this. What a nightmare. I know from first hand experience that you are great to work with. I really hope this is resolved in your favor.


Yes, they did not fixed the stats, it took me 2 months to get back to level 2 (From level 0 to 1 in the first month then level 1 to 2 in the second month). I actually did not force them like you must have to fix my stats, I don’t care about the levels. What mattered at that time is to have the account back.


Oh, it’s not hyperbolic. I actually counted. I’m petty and stubborn. :rofl:


It took all day yesterday, but I finally got them to fix my stats and recouped the lost orders. They played hot potato with my case. When I first asked to have it rectified, they told me there was nothing they could do, and then when I asked again and said someone else had done it for me before, it was fixed in 10 seconds. Go figure, right?



CS needs some better dang training. The inconsistency is really disappointing.

I’m really glad they resolved it for you, but I can imagine that you’d rather have done without all the stress! What a pain :sweat:


Really sorry to hear that happened to you. I actually encountered a similar sort of a buyer where he placed an order against my response to his buyer request where it was written clearly that it was mandatory for him to contact me before ordering. He not only bypassed this mandatory term but also fabricated false information in the order requirments that he did contacted me before ordering.

Not only that he changed his statement from “I wanted to find someone who can find a loophole in a legal system” to "I want a driving license but I don’t want to undergo the 1-year learning condition. Please change the law " .

After I told him that I have contacted the CS to look after our case, he started using foul language (which though I reported). It has been 8 days since I have posted the complaint but I haven’t received a response (human) yet. Hope the order won’t spoil my stats for the fraudulent activity of the buyer himself

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Tell him to keep writing because all his insults will go to CS, see what he does. Anyway, keep rejecting his cancellation request and keep CS updated. If you know you did your job well, never back down.