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Man, I would hate for the U.S. Presidential Race to end

Trump wins again, Hillary wins again, so it’s going to be Trump versus Hillary and I’m looking forward to it. But what am I gonna do after November? The U.S. Presidential race has been my #1 source of entertainment, even better than football and cricket…what am I going to do after it’s over? Guess I’ll be forced to start running or exercising or something rather than watching CNN first thing in the morning…the horror of it all…

It’s a train wreck in slow motion. Now we have the two Republican candidates “colluding” as Trump calls it to not allow him to get enough votes by each agreeing not to campaign in two states, thereby diluting his pool of delegates he needs to win. It makes me sad to see such things in a country I love. The founding fathers are turning over in their graves.

It’s great TV, though…

It is fun to watch but it’s also terrible because it’s so important to our country and it’s such a circus, with none of the participants having any vision of how to run the country. They just want the nice job and the power that goes with it.

˝When you’re born you get a ticket to the freak show. When you’re born in America, you get a front row seat˝. -George Carlin-

It’s true.

I will be very happy when this circus is over :wink:

Same here :), though it’s important for most of the world on who sits in the White House, but only Americans can do anything about it, have a choice. Me as a Dane can read, study, have qualified answers to everything happening in the presidential race, but I have no ability to vote - So for me which does NOT comply to any of the categories I mentioned, on the sole reason that I can’t vote… :frowning:

The candidates are embarrassing.

Honestly speaking Sanders seems to be the only “normal” person in the group, but he has no chance. He is a nice guy for sure.

The others try too hard to impress. Rubio is out, but I found him to be very annoying.

I agree with that about Sanders. He is the only one who talks about problems and issues and has some solutions and wants positive changes. It’s a real shame people can’t see that. I read about what he has done in his home state to improve things.

I like a lot that Sanders has to say, but he hasn’t really shown how he can fulfill any of his campaign promises. Say what you will about Hillary - and there’s a lot to say - but she knows how the government works inside and out, which is a lot more than I can say for Trump (who’s living in a fantasy) and Cruz (the most disliked man in congress who has literally accomplished nothing.)

Cruz’s name was in a scandalous little black book owned by a D.C. madame. Also was he the one who never showed up in Congress at all? Hillary has experience dealing with foreign powers which is completely over the head of Trump who thinks he can make a deal with Putin to be good, and be friendly with us, and said Japan should be allowed to have nuclear
weapons, apparently unaware of what happened at Pearl Harbor, among other glaring examples of being unfit for the job he is running for.

Trump is totally inexperienced, but in the alternative reality where he wins the nomination and the presidency, he’s proven that he’s willing to compromise. Ted Cruz, on the other hand, has never met a compromise he liked and is even scarier than Trump because - like his father, Raphael Cruz - he follows Seven Mountains dominion theology which says that Christians should take control of the seven mountains of the nation. Google “Seven mountains Ted Cruz” for a look at the nightmare that awaits if Ted Cruz wins the nomination (and the White House.)

So we will have the lessor of the evils in Hillary as things look right now. Her sex addicted husband actually had the best economy and budget the country has ever seen and was no dummy.

I’m all too familiar with George Carlin. I wonder what his thoughts would be on the current events today…

I don’t actually have a problem with Bill’s extra-curricular hobbies. Many married couples have open relationships, and historically speaking it’s quite common for married people (especially married people in power) to have side relationships. Hillary and Bill aren’t perfect by a long shot, but they’re effective and they know how to play the game which - again - is more than I can say for any of the GOP candidates.

Well, maybe Kasich has something to offer, but he’s only still in the race because the RNC wants to use him to split the vote and force a brokered convention to deny Trump the nomination.

What many people don’t like is how she demonized and dehumanized the women who accused her husband of such things. That will come up for sure when Trump takes her on. We will probably see more of Bill’s accusers on TV.

If you thought it was ugly so far, you’ve seen nothing yet…just wait for Trump vs Clinton to begin. It’s going to be really nasty and both sides will play dirty.