Man I'm in the wrong line of business lol


I imagine Linnea sage probably drives a rolls royce. I’ve never seen this chick have less than 30 orders in queue
Why didn’t I learn voice overs smh

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never too late to start a side business! :slight_smile:


Lmao, I don’t even think I have a voice over type voice. I sound like an adolescent kid.


Just give it try. What if you rock it.


I’m sure there’s a market for that. :slight_smile:


on a more serious note, I don’t envy Linnea at all.

Seems stressful. Unless she hired a bunch of people to help her out.


That’s true. She has a beautiful voice.


What about Charmaine, Username " Boomsa". She had currently more than 110 in queue.

Just Curious, how do they handle more than 50 orders in queue?


That’s what I think too. But hey, as long as she’s paying the bills!


I’ve actually seen some sellers with over 100 orders waiting in their queue (I myself have quite a few right now as well). The seller you noted is indeed great at what she does, and has developed a strong fan base, but she’s not the only one. If you’re good at what you do, and buyers trust you for the services you offer, you can be just as successful as she is. And you don’t need to be a voiceover artist to find that kind of success. :wink:


Wooooow that’s crazy.
They gotta hustle like crazy


Pretty sure she has help…


She has to at this point in the game.

re: Boomsa

Holy smokes!


But people hire her for her voice, right? So she has to do it her self, at least the narration.


Well at that point, all she becomes is just the “Talent”.

When your business is booming, order management becomes the BIGGEST part of EVERYTHING.

So if she has proper help, all she will be doing is reading scripts, one by one, and her PA, her sound editing guy, her business manager, etc takes care of everything else.


I’ve done professional voiceover work, and I’ve been on the stage/movie side of things… just like any skill, the more experienced you are at acting and producing recordings and videos, the more quickly and efficiently you can complete those projects. It may seem like a lot of work for one person – from those not familiar with the work, but I’m sure she’s got a great process in place that allows her to knock out great recordings at an efficient speed. :slight_smile:


if you take into account, weird customers, orders placed lacking info, people who ask “how do I download my file??”, “what’s up with the watermark, I will report you!!”… suddenly 100 orders on queue sounds like a nightmare, no matter how fast and efficient you are on what you actually do.

@djgodknows is right. Managing orders is where it’s at when you are that successful.

If you check out negative reviews, 99% of them are mentioning poor service. (I’m talking about Boomsa)


This guy has always amazed me, though I’m sure it’s a whole team. Look at this queue:


We just had 51 orders in queue. It gets stressful for sure, but at that point, the delivery time needs to get extended. At least for us. Also, as long as she has a good process in place, she can handle that workload herself, but it’d definitely be better to hire 1 or 2 people to help out.


Yes they are a team.