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Man making multiple accounts to harass me

Full disclosure, I’m here to rant, not be told “wHy DiDn’T yOu JuSt BLoCk HiM?” I have obviously attempted to block this person - I’ve also reported him TWICE to Fiverr for making multiple accounts and sending me messages every minute for up to 30 minutes in a row some days.

I have push notifications turned on so that I can respond to buyers while I’m at work, so every time he messages me my phone buzzes.

I’ve had men harass me on Fiverr before, but I’ve never had someone send me this many messages.

This is a SMALL sample of his harassment - I couldn’t be bothered editing his name out of the screenshots anymore.

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After his last message on this account, he created a new one within 10 minutes and started messaging me again.

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WOW, this is very creepy…,
I think we only able to be patients with this kind of behavior.
Just report and block his new account everytime, and never reply to his message once.
Hopefully, he will get bored soon…


I’d love to be able to just ignore him when he creates a new account, but I have to send one message at the start to avoid my response rate dropping.

Not sure there’s anything Fiverr can do to prevent him repeatedly making accounts, so you’re probably right - I’ll just have to wait for him to get bored :woman_shrugging:

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This is awful, sorry you’re having to put up with this.

Like you say, fully understood that you’re just here for a rant and not people offering obvious solutions. I do wonder if CS can lock this guy down based on his IP address? I know it’s easy to change that with a VPN, but at that point, you could be getting into stalker territory, and that starts to creep toward ‘committing a crime’ territory.

Good luck - hopefully he gets the hint and leaves you be. :slightly_smiling_face:

(this is also yet another golden reason why the block function is so important!)


Yeah I suppose this is possible, I’ll mention it next time I get in touch with CS (I inevitibly will due to this guy).

I am not sure they’d take me seriously, though. As a woman this behavior is really scary because it could be totally harmless, but it’s really hard to tell when this type of behavior will escalate. I’m hoping he’ll get bored and give up at this point, but who knows? I use my real name and photo on Fiverr because I’m trying to build a brand for myself. And because… you know… literally just being yourself is not an inviation for harassment? lol

Ugh. It’s so frustrating.


It’s not harmless - even if the guy doesn’t mean you physical harm, the psychological harm has the potential to be enormous, and he has no right to message you just for his own personal kicks. This is harassment, plain and simple, and you’re well within your rights to demand that Fiverr take this as seriously as they can.

Perhaps call his bluff? Tell him that as this has now extended beyond standard breaching of a site’s Ts and Cs you’ve filed a report with the Police. He may not believe you, but there’s a chance he might decide he’s pushed far enough and stop.


That may be a good shout actually. When I told him I’d reported him to Fiverr he begged me not to (even though I already had)… but then I guess when he realized he hadn’t been penalized he just carried on messaging me. There was only about a 4-day window.

Really annoying. I also think that no reaction at all is best here - and I don’t think you necessarily need to respond because of your response rate in this case, I’d try to get support to confirm to you that if your response rate would drop even though you click report for spam, that they’d reset it for any account this person manages to make and contact you with.


I had the same fears/woes when I first started using the platform, and I was told there’s not much one could do in such a situation… and that the best thing once could do was just ignore them as more often than not, they just lose interest/give up when they don’t get any response from you. :slight_smile:

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This is what I would do. I’d reply with one last message saying that you have contacted Fiverr and your local police department who now have this persons IP and ISP details. Then wish them a good day and bid them and their family farewell.

I say add the family bit as this person sounds linguistically like someone from a country where it is common to live in big family groups and sometimes have zero boundaries. They are also definitely still living with their parents.


We got an enquiry about a year ago, and toward the end of the enquiry, he said (it was Becky’s Voice Over gig he was messaging about) “btw, you’re really pretty”.

I (Tom), handle 99% of our enquiries, and as we have one ‘tone’ for all of our messages, I respond to everything, whether it’s for me or for Becky. We sign off everything “Becky and Tom, Cubitt Audio”

I informed him that he was talking to Tom. I figured I could have gone for the old “what you doing calling my girlfriend pretty?” approach, but thought it much more enjoyable to thank him for calling me pretty, and threw in a couple of :heart_eyes: :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: for good measure…

We never heard from him again… :thinking:


I honestly don’t get how people think it is okay to ever say even something like this to a stranger online. To me, when people do, it is the first sign that they lack all basic social skills.

I wouldn’t have been happy with that comment. However, I’m not sure how I would have reacted.

How horrible! Hopefully he gets bored with it eventually and stops. For that first reply you have to send you could just put a period. He hopes for a reaction from you of any kind so do not give any.

Maybe it would help to change your profile picture to simply a logo, at least temporarily since he probably likes your picture.


They can at least block his IP, which means that he won’t be able to bother you. However he can use a VPN and continue but it’s worth a try.

It’s doubly disgusting when the gender of the person making the comment that they like your picture or how you look is not even the gender you are attracted to.

I’ve had my share of dirty old men grabbing my rear. It never struck me as disgusting. It always struck me as a kind of power play. i.e. “I can do this because I am rich, anonymous, wealthy, etc, and you are no one.”

The first one had a giant nose like a cauliflower. That’s a sure sign of untreated diabetes. The second had terrible blotches growing all under his skin. Judging by other symptoms, I was able to guess his liver was on its way out. I did punch that one, but I told neither that they should probably see a doctor.

(I like to think I had the power in the end. :wink:)

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Why is it that the ones who touch you or grab you are always the most revolting physically repulsive people you’ve ever seen? Look at some of the more recent cases in the news.



What worked for me was reporting the person repeatedly. Contact them, give them the updated and most recent list of usernames and tell them that it causes me stress and doesn’t let me focus on my work.

It took 8 months (ish) for fiverr to handle the situation but somehow they eventually did handle the situation.

My lady (or a dude masquerading as a lady) wasn’t this active on a daily basis, though, so maybe there’s a chance it’ll get handled quicker. It’s incredibly annoying, I’m sorry this is happening to you.


Wow, this is really ■■■■■■ up! There might not be threats but he is still causing damage since he is taking a toll on you emotionally and also you’re there thinking you might be getting orders but nope, it’s this a-hole.

Hope you can resolve it somehow :confused: