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Man making multiple accounts to harass me

Call me stubborn, but I refuse to do this. I’m not going to hide my face so that this a-hole will choose to do the right thing. I’ll just continue blocking him and reporting him and hope that Fiverr intervenes or he gives up.


P.S. thanks for all the support everybody. I wasn’t sure if I should post this and I’m glad I did. Sorry that some of y’all have had similar experiences x

update! He blocked me! Sent him these two very dramatic messages yesterday, and today logged in to see that he had blocked me on this account.

He has made at LEAST 4 other accounts in the past 2 weeks, so too early to say if he’s gone for good, but I haven’t had a message from him all day so looking pretty good for now :slight_smile: Thanks again everybody!


Good for you - well done indeed!