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Man walks into Fiverr ... try's to buy mona lisa for $10

Hey Everyone,

This weekend i experienced my first ever issues with an order. Woke up to great news on a Saturday, an order!!.. but wait ? no message first, maybe no biggie, lets have a look. Customer has ordered my base package, and what do i find in the attached documents ? clearly a time consuming gig that is no way a basic gig (two figures, detailed bkground), it’s all ok though i’ll message the issues and explain.

Customer wants a really detailed illustration, that doesn’t actually fit any of my packages and gigs, so i send an updated offer to cover the cost & time… radio silence nothing.

Message the buyer again, nothing, starting to smell a little this order so contact CS and open a ticket, i’ve done as they requested but i’ll be the one taking the hit. Annoying as hell but, it is what it is.

I have now cancelled the gig, such a shame :frowning: