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Manage client on fiverr

I already talked to one client then 1/2 hours no response then he comes back later he told me don’t want anything whats the wrong that buyer

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Nothing, the Buyer was just window-shopping. :shopping: Next time try to keep your conversation at a minimum, time :watch: is a terrible thing to waste.

:bulb: Create Quick Replies!


Nothing is wrong, I think your services is not needed any longer, I will advise you just move on and ignore.

Think of your “talking” as an interview for a job. Clearly, your skill set did not meet what the buyer wanted and they either chose another seller here or abandoned the project.

There is nothing “wrong” with the buyer. They have free will to communicate with any number of sellers here without buying a thing. Just because someone messages you, does not mean they are ready to hire you.


Just because someone talks to you does not mean anything.

Do not keep messaging them when they stop talking to you. They can report you for that.

They just wanted to talk, nothing more. When they stop messaging you, do not send them more messages trying to start up the chat again.

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