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Manage Request need active

Why my manage request is pending?

Alright so I assume you mean Buyer Requests that you are trying to post but have been put to a Pending Status?

It would help if you explained this rather than assumed everyone knows a) what is in your head, b) what is in the BR wording, and c) what is in Fiverr’s (metaphorical) head.

I would assume that the above mindset is the cause of the dilemma as most likely those BR contain things that may breach Fiverr TOS so you are getting the opportunity to fix that. The Google Play one definitely makes me wonder. I would assume that they have been flagged by bots for human lookseeing.

And BTW it is Mod as in a capital to denote a Proper Noun or your desire to target people who like The Small Faces and The Who will likely fall flat.


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But will it be active or will it remain pending.

How would I know. Again you seem to assume that we are Fiverr. We are a Forum of mostly Sellers.

Have you assessed your BR content to see if it may breach TOS? If it does and you don’t change it, it will likely remain until someone looks at it and makes a decision to approve or deny. Seems like a) wasted time and b) a chance that you may get a Warning.

Would it not be better to stop assuming that everything should be as you want it and start making your BR seem less like they are dodgy?


If your BR is pending, that means the Fiverr team is still reviewing it. When they finish reviewing it, the request will become active and sellers will be able to leave offers! Thanks!

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