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Manage Sales page update, I like seeing the extras expanded, please replace

The new update to the Manage Sales page just took up much of my productivity time. Not having the extras of the order expanded when they have them puts another unnecessary step into my organized approach. :frowning: I like to see the extras of orders in the manage sales page for orders that take more days to complete and have more tasks attached to it. Just seeing the price and what gig it is makes me have to click on that gig to see what was included and would love to have that feature back.

Anyone else notice this?? You now have to click on the one line order to see what the extras were. Don’t like it. IMO


Yeah, kind of a weird thing to change…not super sure why. I also don’t like/understand the change to the order pages that now requires me to click “Show” in order to see the requirements for that order. If I’m on an order page, it’s either to read the instructions and confirm to the buyer that I received the order or to follow the instructions and deliver the order. Why would I ever not want to see the instructions on an order page?

Instead of just changing random stuff, could we have some of the changes we’ve asked for? Maybe, specifically, the ability to edit the lines of our to-do list (or, I guess “dashboard” now) so I can leave myself notes about orders instead of every single one just saying “You need to deliver your order?” Yeah, great, I know that. I’d love to be able to put a note in about a delivery date if the buyer and I have discussed one or a reminder about what that order actually is…sigh.

I would prefer this back because it allows me to see who has ordered what at a glance and plan work accordingly without having to open every order individually and it is a time saver and work planner.

Again un necessary “improvement”. First they remove stars from manage sales. Now they hide extras from displaying on manage sales page…

That didn’t take long. :wink: Back to normal that fast. Thanks fiverr team!