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Management Updates!

Hey All,

We are always putting suggestions on here for Fiverr to look at but never get ant response!

Would it be a good idea for Fiverr to show what ideas they are looking at implementing, or replying to ideas that we post on here, at least we would know whats happening!



Any comments?

How could they comment on kjblynx’s request? They would only be able admit to another of their shortcomings. They need to respond by complying with her/our request.

Another let down then! Why dont they read their own forums!!

Reply to @ricksper: They NEVER EVER do that. It bypasses all laws of common courtesy and politeness.

Reply to @kjblynx: I love this response and I’m glad you are calling them out every time you can.

Strange red/orange text

Glowing green dots for some users

"Based on your orders" thumbnails

Buyers “marking orders as complete” when they’ve actually done nothing but the 3 days have passed

Communication by message only that can take 72+ hours

The LONG list goes on… :frowning:

Reply to @kjblynx: Lynx? How do you know all this?

You have a sister-in-law who’s Administrative Assistant to Fiverr’s CEO? :wink:

Reply to @kjblynx: Compare it to a hundred shepherds watching over 4 million sheep.