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Managing seller and buyer account from same device

Hi there, i am a web developer i have done many website projects in fiverr and have some happy costumers. Now one of my clients wants me to manage his mobile app project with another developer and he sent me his fiverr email and password. My question is if i login his buyer account from my device and also manage my own seller account, wont fiverr think that we are the same person and block our accounts a becouse he had sent me many orders from his account.
Can anyone help :persevere:


Thats a little difficult that one in respect to fiverr T&C

It also looks quite suspicious :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

However you could get yourself a second device?

That might solve the problem temporarily.

But I would perhaps ask customer services, and inform yourself first.

Best of luck :crossed_fingers: Nico

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It’s your client who’s broken the ToS.

Fiverr Terms of Service:

Also, it’s currently not your job to do their work for them. If they can’t handle it, then they shouldn’t be offering it as a service.

If they want to hire you, then it’s their job to make sure they have all the information from the client upfront, so they can pass it on to you. Yes, it’s easier to have direct access, but if you do the work for this client through their account, you’ll get nothing to show you did work on your account. The client will get all the credit. And there’s the risk of not getting paid.

Don’t risk your account by helping them prop up theirs.


Thank you so much
For you great advice