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Mandatory Audio Sample for Voice Over Artists?

Hi Fiverr staff,

You should make it a requirement for voice over artists to upload an audio sample of their work. Its absurd that so many don’t have anything to listen to. Its like advertising your painting skills with no pictures…

Let the market decide, if you don’t want to hire a VO artist without samples, don’t hire him. Maybe they’re under confidentiality agreements or are shy and don’t want to have a YouTube page. My brand name gig for example features no sample, I figure most of my clients don’t want me sharing the names I give other people, and brand names are so subjective that showing them could cost me sales. In the end, all my clients know that their satisfaction is guaranteed of their money will be refunded, so I have few problems.

I’m far more worried about t-shirt designers that don’t check the spelling of the copy I give them. Nobody buys a T-shirt with a spelling mistake unless the mistake was on purpose. Artists are so concentrated on design that they can’t bother to read 5-10 words of copy. Unbelievable.