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"Mandatory metadata is missing" Glitch - #4778728

When I click the price tab, the error message “Mandatory metadata is missing” appears and refers to the language section. My Gig offers Dutch voice over.

I have been in contact with Fiverr. After trying everything they suggest that I should select the Flemish dialect and state in the Gig description that this is a Dutch voice-over. This solution is unacceptable because I mislead users from Belgium who are looking for a Flemish voice-over and I also miss customers because I register my Gig as Flemish Dutch. Dutch is not a dialect, but a language. Flemish is a dialect spoken in northern region of Belgium.

I am very disappointed with Fiverr that they are continuing to take some of my money on each sale but not taking this glitch seriously by labeling this as resolved.

Thank you for reporting this. we understand the frustration, and we’ll work to fix it ASAP.
Would you say that adding “Dutch - Netherlands” / “Dutch - Hollandic” as dialects for dutch will solve the issue?

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Thanks for your reply I appreciate it.
No, Dutch - Netherlands should not be listed as dialect because it’s the official language(the screenshot showed Dutch - Netherlands to demonstrate no matter I can produce the error).

Countries such as Belgium or Suriname are dialect Dutch countries.

I understand your point. Thr current way it ia formed is that a language with multiple accents requires a selection of the accent, it works the same for English although the vast majority of sellers are speaking in an American accent, similar situation with French.
Adding a Netherlands accent could be the quickest solution though I understand it is not exactly the same since dialect and accent aren’t the same.

Ok, let’s go for adding a Netherlands accent as solution. Let me know when Fiverr roll out the fix so I can start updating my Gig.

Thank you.

Thank you so much for reporting the issue, great way for us to improve fast.

Fiverr team.

Thank you so much for fixing this issue.
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