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Mandatory Portfolio?


So what does everyone think of “Live Portfolio” becoming mandatory on ALL gigs? I know most of you use it anyway - better for search - but considering that one of the biggest complaints here is people stealing; either getting the work done and then revoking pay, or sellers plagiarizing other sellers’ gigs, it just seems like setting up a free buffet for the thieves.

A few samples are fine, but with anything creative, displaying it ALL amounts to giving away the hard work - the thought processes and research etc… It’s not so easy to steal a video testimonial or Facebook likes, but a lot of other sellers are going to end up getting victimized - and they may not even get as many orders.

It’s just another example of Fiverr playing/rolling out something ‘new’ (and potentially harmful) instead of focusing on what’s not working correctly.


Not all gigs lend themselves to a live portfolio.


For me it’s just a big portfolio of examples of work done. Which is a good thing. Isn’t it?


Am I missing something? When was this made compulsory. I automatically turned mine on but nothing can show since the deliveries are sent through Word docs or txt files. I didn’t realise it was becoming compulsory.


This is the first time I’ve heard about this. Where can I find info about the new policy? In fact, where is the portion of a gig where you set this up? Does the seller or buyer set this up? Thanks!


I like it to be a private transaction, I’m not really wanting my digital purchases to be distributed out over the Internet. I think buyer and seller should be in control of making that decision, rather than Fiverr making anything mandatory.


Reply to @kjblynx:

kjblynx said: Reply to @rebesign: I still suspect the buyer and seller will have the ability to select or deselect a delivered product during the delivering and rating/feedback times.

If the buyer and seller had the ability to select or deselect a delivered product during the delivering and rating/feedback times, then they probably wouldn't be referring to it as mandatory. Also, there would be no need to send out notifications to sellers, as nothing would have changed. I'll still hope you're right. :)


I am asking myself how you can establish a portfolio for translations and articles. For translations and articles you would need the permission from the person you wrote them for and they might not want to admit they needed a translator or a ghost writer. Ok, it is less an issue with translations but it would mean I would need to contact clients from years ago or fiverr buyers through Fiverr.

Of course I could write an article in Dutch myself and translate it into French and English :smiley: :wink: :smiley:

Oh! Now I get it, I have switched it on! People should see samples of delivered orders. Maybe it takes time to take effect, but I cannot see anything for the moment. Is it for future orders then?


For those who asked, I received an email notice from Fiverrbot yesterday. Live Portfolio will become mandatory for all gigs, and they’re starting with Graphics & Illustrations.

I’m not a huge fan of anything here being mandatory! - as it was pointed out (and I agree) there are some gigs that aren’t designed for ‘public display’. As an example, in my Naming gig, I often provide suggestions that in many situations the client will be registering as a trade or service mark. If I were forced to publish the list of suggestions, I am essentially offering up their ‘property’ to anyone who can read.


Also, in the ‘real world’ a portfolio is a hand-picked representation of an individual’s or business’s work, not everything they’ve ever done for everyone.

The last time I checked (admittedly quite some time ago), live portfolio showed all deliverables, but didn’t explain the brief. - I assume order details still are and will remain private; I hope! - So, I don’t see it as a way to check feedback being accurate. If someone creates a basic logo for $5 and right next to it is a fabulous one that they produced with a list of extras included, it can easily lead to misunderstanding, dissatisfied buyers and disgruntled sellers.

Read Amazon reviews for a very obvious example of what I’m getting at “I know it said it was 6” in the description, but it’s so much smaller that I thought it would be. I am very disappointed and will be returning this item!"


Sheesh! And now auto-links in forum posts!

How does admin not understand that if you over-complicate and make totally obnoxious something that was designed (and successful) because of it’s simplicity and ease of use, users will go elsewhere?!?!

Dear Fiverr, look into what’s happening with Facebook & Google if you don’t believe me.


How am I supposed to make a portfolio for my editing/proofreading gig? I’ll never give a third party access to someone’s writing. In the editing/proofreading world, confidentiality is very, very important. Same goes for writing gigs - I’m not going to make public writing I’ve done for a buyer.

If Fiverr starts requiring a portfolio for all gigs, I think a lot of sellers will either remove their gigs or just leave Fiverr entirely.

directwritingco said: confidentiality is very, very important.

True for many gigs. According to madmoo in another thread, the seller needs to supply zipped files and the buyer needs to make sure they don't click the 'visible' link when they receive their files.

Just more complication, margin for error and irritation for everyone involved.

kjblynx said: we've had auto-links in the forum for some time.

Maybe I've never used any trigger words in my posts? Eh, whatever. :)


If you don’t want your project to show as a “live portfolio,” send it without “delivering,” and then send a “delivery” message. That is what I do whenever a buyer specifically requests a webcam or lesser quality video than what I normally deliver


I agree with directwritingco, I’m a writer, why would I show that and give all the PLR stealers to copy and make more money.