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Mandatory Questions left blank? [SOLVED]

And the order has started. I am not sure I understand how the new system works. I had questions, marked mandatory to answer, left blank… clock is ticking and I don’t have what I need? Help!

Send a message to your buyer and ask him/her. If you cannot get your answer in time you probably want to consider a cancellation.

I get that but if it’s marked mandatory, it shouldn’t be able to be submitted till they fill it out… I knew I should of waited!

Whenever that happens to me, I send a request for mutual cancellation and tell the client (in as many words) to either provide the things I asked or else accept the cancellation and bugger off. That way I’m not stuck with a delivery clock counting down while the buyer is looking at pictures of funny cats.

This bug has been already reported to Fiverr team and, for what I know, it’s been already solved.
Please let me know (even with a PM) if this happens again.
Thank you