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Mandatory to display completed work in gig portfolio?!

Has anyone else come up against this recently?

Work I complete for Buyers is being displayed without my consent in my gig listing gallery. The gallery is a place for me to show off my BEST work. I am a voice over artist, and if someone places an order with an awful quality script, and zero extras etc. (e.g. high quality WAV file format) this is what I deliver… but now this is being forcefully placed on the gallery of my gig listing? If the Buyer was paying for the high quality audio upgrade, proof-reading and music to be added etc. then this would be a much better reflection of what I CAN offer…

I contacted Fiverr support and was told that whether or not a Buyer’s order is showcased on MY OWN gallery, is not up to me, it is up to the Buyer… If I (the Seller) want to remove the work they ordered from MY OWN gallery in the gig listing, I apparently must contact the Buyer and ask them to go in to the completed order and un-tick ‘Allow seller to showcase completed work’. Apart from a completely un-necessary and awkward conversation with the Buyer (who may or may not even log in to the site again!?) this seems absolutely ridiculous!? Am I missing something here?


This may be helpful to you:

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Ahh! Thank you Lloyd. You are THE MAN.

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Don’t assume that everyone with a profile logo is male! :wink:


Oops! My bad. It was the username that got me.

You are THE GIRL. :wink:


Yes that is right. It is up to the buyer. That is what makes it credible. It isn’t a PR opportunity for you. It’s a way for buyers to get an unbiased look at what you do and that’s what makes it powerful. If it was controlled by sellers buyers would know they are only seeing what the seller wants them to see.

Why not read up on how this works before asking here?

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As Lloydsolutions pointed out, you can actually turn this off.

My gallery is my shop window. That’s like suggesting a high street clothing store should only be allowed to show pictures of real customers wearing their products in the window… Or even though they sell high-end & expensive items, should be forced to show mannequins in just plain white pants… Yes there is a market for plain, in-expensive products but stores are allowed to showcase the best of what they offer.

The star rating system is more than detailed enough, not to mention all of the private feedback Fiverr collects after a sale…

I know you can. I’m explaining why the samples are from buyers’ decisions to an extent and what the value of that is.

There are ways around this as you say, but the real value is transparency. People are probably more likely to buy if they feel they are seeing the whole picture.

Plus, what if someone sees that the only items in your porfolio are glowing reviews, but you also have bad reviews? That lack of transparency could make people hesitate to buy from you.

I know you can turn this off and control it to a degree. I’m sharing the value of leaving it up to buyers.

I haven’t seen this option as a buyer. I was looking for that on my last order.

I think it only appears if the Seller has ‘live portfolio’ selected for their gigs. For some reason, mine was set to this by default, but I’ve since disabled it. I can see how it would be useful / transparent for some sellers / industries, but for mine it’s not.


Thank God I found this trend.

Most of my buyers usually direct their work. A select few who don’t, end up not wanting to show what they did. Probably because it’s more serious to them and they want it in the public at the right time.

A buyer contacted me from the buyer request section and I was still typing my response and questions when he said, “Nevermind, I went through your work and I don’t think you will be up to the task.” my heart sank.

Seriously? How many more clients has my gig gallery turned away from me because of the sub par jobs directed by the clients?!

I’m turning off my live portfolio, I’m still traumatized. I’m a good designer and I know that!

@joshuaolalek874 oh bro, that feels bad being told that way

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Couldn’t agree more Joshua. I’m so glad it’s not mandatory to have Live Portfolio on.

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The reason you can’t control which reviews go in the live portfolio is that buyers would know that you’re only showing them what you want them to see and blocking what you don’t. That bias would make people MORE suspicious of you.

Also, buyers like to feel they have autonomy. They feel secure knowing they have an opportunity to share their experience if it goes wrong. They like the accountability it puts on sellers to do proper work.

So the live portfolio helps you regardless of what is in it, unless you’re doing a poor job.

No company would mean only some buyers get to show what their freelancers did. That wouldn’t be ethical.

The solution to your problem is to consistently produce high quality.


@humanissocial The feedback feature takes care of this just fine. If a customer has a bad experience, they can rate it so and provide further information to show exactly what didn’t go well.

The final quality of what are often very specific projects is completely subjective, and so Freelancers shouldn’t feel like they are hiding anything by not having live portfolio turned on.

No it doesn’t. Part of that feedback and its value is the ability to share the work that buyer did for you in the gig. Controlling when buyers can do that is bias and it would erode the trust of people who see the gig because they would know you’re only showing them what you want them to see.

You can’t let some buyers access a feature and others not. That is so unethical and no business would let you do that it because it defeats the whole purpose of having a live porfolio.

Live portfolio prevents bias. That’s why it’s effective.

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As a VO I think the live portfolio is great for buyers to hear your recent projects.

Don’t be traumatized by someone who is that rude. It’s their problem, not yours. That is a person whom you wouldn’t want to work for anyway. It’s uncalled for to say what he said.

You will find some on here, like any place on the internet, want to tear others down so they feel better about themselves. Just ignore them.