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Mandatory video

I’m new to Fiverr and I was ready to publish my gigs in the “writing & translation” category. I’d like to offer online language lessons, but when it comes to publish the gig, I get stuck at the gallery page.
I don’t understand why it seems mandatory to upload a video, since the policy doesn’t say so.
I uploaded a picture, which seems ok, but I can’t proceed since I keep getting the “Please upload a video!” message.

What is wrong with that? I’ve already opened a ticket but got no response so far.



It might be a change of rule in the “online language lessons” subcategory. There’s gigs in that subcategory that don’t have gig videos though, but maybe it’s a change and that all future gigs there need them. It’s mandatory in he video and animation category.


I suggest you must upload video demonstrating your services. Videos can increase user engagement by 40%


Video demonstrating your services will be very helpful for you. Try That :slight_smile:

Thanks everybody!

I waited to see if the support team could answer my question, but they still haven’t.
Anyway, I followed your advice and upload a video :wink: