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Manga drawing gift!


Hello my name is Sune

I would like to buy a picture drawn in manga style of me and my friend :smiley: Were we are makeing a brofist, it could be something like this http://www.FRAGGLESROCK but in manga style were we are both faceing the “camara”. I dont have a picture of me and my friend together but i will be abel to send a potratit of both of us, then the drawer will have to look at them and draw the picture from them. (It would ruin the gift if i had to take a picture of it first because then i would have to take it with him and i would have to tell him why)

Also i would like us to have a hat like this on

And maybe if it is possible it would be awesome with a speech bubble :slight_smile:

Can you, or do you know i fiverr who is abel to draw something like this it would be amazing if you could help me out :smiley:

Best regards Sune

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@sunelarsen Have you already tried a Fiverr-Gig-search for these criteria? ie; manga, drawing, custom, etc…


Reply to @eddiethornton: Yea i have, but most of the results are chibi style and i am looking for a style like pokemon or dragon ball, because my friend is huge fan :slight_smile:


Reply to @sunelarsen: hit me up