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Manipulate the Revision Button

Hello Everyone,

I delivered the order before 2 days of the delivery time. The buyer was not complete until the end of the auto complication, but at the last minute, Buyer came out of nowhere and requested a revision. The reason for the revision is unfair and now the clock shows “late” due to buyers falt, still, the buyer didn’t appear online with his comment.

Is there anything I can do?

Since you have delivered before the deadline, your stats won’t be affected, even though it shows as Late now.

If the buyer doesn’t send revision instructions within reasonable time, you can try submitting a ticket to Customer Support, tell them that the buyer is abusing the Revision button to extend the review time, and ask them for help (they might tell you to work it out with the buyer or just cancel the order, though).


Why does it say the expected delivery is in March? This is November and you are just now trying to figure out what to do with this?

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Lol! That’s British time: dd/mm/yyyy


:smile: so funny…


Since there is now revisions to do, you can deliver it again.

Buyers can’t keep order opened to get a time to review it. If you completed buyers requirement, you can deliver it again

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Hi Catwriter,
Thanks for the opotion, I will wait for some time and then will open a ticket.

Hi misscrystal,

Accutally it’s November 3rd. Thanks for the considering.

Hi Xuntes,
Thanks for your opotion.I will wait for tomorrow and going to deliver the same thing again.