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Manipulative Buyer


Sorry this is long but, I’m irritated as heck. :eyes::expressionless:

So… a buyer orders a music promo - $25 for 2 links on 2 platforms – that requires they write their own ad or blurb. I will write ads as an extra on this gig.

Buyer submits - NO ads, and 5 links - 2 of which I don’t work with, 1 that is well known for glitches (so I ask buyers with this type of link to contact me PRIOR to ordering - so we are clear on what to expect) - and 2 that are not direct music links (that my gig clearly states is required )…

I responded to his submitted requirements – stating that my gig is very clearly about these types of links not being accepted and that their $25 order consists of me posting 2 ads they write, with 2 direct links to 2 songs, on my social media platforms 2 times. So… if they could please revise according to the requirements that would be awesome. This request was met with “Cancel please”…

I explained that I would work with one of the platforms, but would need them to write the ads, as my gig outlines is required.

I hear nothing for 2 days…

So … to give them time to figure out what they wanted to do… I ask for an extension stating that I could work with one of the platforms, but that they would need to write the ads, to which I received this response:

Still no ads, or attempt to address the 5 links.

I responded by stating the order as it stands now, would cost him approximately $100+ - to write the ads and post the content - and that I could send him a custom offer if he needed so we can get started.

Haven’t heard back from him since. so I have contacted customer service to help me deal with it.

What’s super annoying is that initially I thought perhaps a language barrier might be part of why he was not submitting requirements - maybe he couldn’t comprehend what I was saying. However, I did a little “Sherlock” :female_detective: move and went to check his profile to see if he’s worked with any other sellers and found that has, and his English is very good, fluent, from what I can see. :mag_right:

Clearly, this buyer is either having a bad week, and his head is in a scramble OR he’s trying to mess with my analytics intentionally.

Not sure which one, but this is why:

  1. Orders should not start until seller approves of the material/content submitted :alarm_clock:
  2. Sellers should not be penalized in any way for requesting a cancellation for this type of order.:stop_sign:



You have 2 options: Either you cancel the order and finish this experience but that will leave you with a drop in your Completion rate or you could just wait until he responds. Sucks either way.


I think I have said this some time ago, anyway I’ll say it again.

The way that Fiverr has set orders to start running, has given buyers the power to judge themselves whether they have or haven’t fulfilled the requirements, instead of being the sellers’ right.

Hopefully, soon (I don’t lose hope), Fiverr will understand no one can be judge and part at the same time. Basic rule on everything, not only law.

As for this, I think Fiverr is starting to understand this point.

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Exactly a lose - lose situation… :zipper_mouth_face:

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Right, most – if not all of my cancellations are a result of buyers not reading then submitting the requirements as outlined in my gig description.

And I detest “mutually cancelling” - when I am cancelling begrudgingly with the realization that the cancellation will affect me badly. “Mutual” sounds like some sort of cozy agreement has been reached, when in fact it hasn’t been, at all.

You’re right! It does seem they are getting bit more flexible, however, so that’s a great step forward.

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I completely agree with you and number 1 is a fantastic idea. We should absolutely have control over when a gig starts and we should get to screen requirements and approve them.

Sorry this happened to you.


Thanks! It certainly would make more sense, as well as help reduce the very real stress caused by these types of situations.


I got a buyer today that placed an order then sent a cancellation request saying that he placed the order by mistake … yes this is still happening in 2019


I had a buyer contact me in the general chat and asked if I carried out a particular service , I replied stating that I’m sorry I don’t facilitate the service at this time, the buyer says ok thanks. Five minutes later, guess what, the buyer places an order and states “I know you don’t carry out this service but try anyway, thanks” . I’m like… what on earth? I didn’t even try, just got CS to cancel it and of course, guess who took the hit.

Next story, I had a buyer say “Hello” in the chat so I said “Hi, how may I help?” … No response, two minutes later the buyer places an order and then in the general chat says “Sorry, I missed and placed an order, please cancel”. Guess who took the hit?

So yup, Fiverr needs to do something about this indeed.


The thing that really annoys me about those orders is that even if the buyer doesn’t know these things affect our cancellation rating (or pretends to not know), what they do know is that we have to do the work of cancelling it if it’s not a good fit and that when we get a notification about a new order, it’s probably going to be a big let-down when we see it’s not legitimate. It’s so, so inconsiderate. I’m always civil with these buyers, but I do state to them the impact of what they’re doing.


Ughhh yes so annoying!


Seems deliberate! What the actual heck though!?:no_mouth::zipper_mouth_face:

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Right! I am not hesitant to let them know that every cancellation affects sellers badly – and that in the future – they should read gig descriptions thoroughly so they know what they are buying.

For the most part, even after I explain that, they are still very nonchalant and are more concerned about their refund.

I definitely don’t make the refund a fun, easy process… that’s for sure!


Unfortunately, yes…

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Very helpful post. Thanks

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