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Mantra to Complete 14K Orders at Fiverr

Hey my fellow sellers at fiverr,

Hope you all are going good and your sales are rocking!!! I am going to achieve 14K Completed Orders in few days or weeks and here I present my “mantra” which I followed to achieve it. Now fiverr is my ONLY earning. I quit my day job and working at fiverr 24/7. :smiley:

  1. Avoid Cancellations - You should avoid cancellations and try to offer something else if your client is unhappy. Be his friend and offer something useful for him. Never let $$ go back!!

  2. Extras - Add extras as per the market need and your clients requirement. Majority of my clients opt for my $20 extra of “Full Monty” template in one of my gig. WHY??? It is so because this is one of the greatest template of senuke. So, I am offering something very good to them and use my expertise so that I am ALWAYS better than other sellers. EXTRAS help to increase earning s a lot!

  3. Be Better - Simple rule to excel at fiverr is to be better than competitors. Setup your way of working in such a way that your gig is SAFE to all of your clients. NEVER try to fool your buyers by doing nothing (like many new sellers do). If you are better from all of your competitors fiverr’s algorithm will send you more orders eventually.

  4. Diversify - Try to offer similar gigs to your buyers so that you can add up some more $$.

  5. Fast Delivery & Extra Fast Delivery - You may earn some more $$ by extra fast delivery. However, all of your orders should gave fast delivery atleast. For example if you have deadline of 4 days then try to deliver in 3 days for every order. For extra fast you may deliver in 1 days. The buyer should NEVER feel that if he is not buying extra fast then he is being ignored. All buyers are important and equal.

  6. Marketing - Market your gigs outside fiverr and get all new buyers to your gigs first.

    Once you take fiverr seriously you gonna rock and sales will increase. I am here to help any seller who needs any help.

    Who can comment below??
  7. Any seller who - needs any help OR want to collaborate OR want to add to my points.
  8. Any buyer who - is interested in any of my gigs OR is angry with my service OR is happy with my service.

    I love fiverr and will offer 10 free gigs when I reach 14K Completed orders :smiley:

Let me give you some free advice. Remove your income from the above or you will have every spammer, wannabe hacker and script kid targeting you and your account non stop


Just curious, why aren’t you a Top Rated Seller yet?

Reply to @markp: I always believe that fiverr is a community of good people who help each other to grow. I also hope fiverr helpdesk is there for us to take care of such bad hackers… There are MANY and MANY sellers at fiverr who have acheived and going to achieve this target this year. I really feel safe at fiverr :slight_smile:

Reply to @chaihock: LOL… You need to offer some UNIQUE gigs to be Top Rated. Fiverr is not offering Top Rated sellers in my niche :slight_smile:

Reply to @best_seo: Congrats. It seem like fiverr would at least consider you a Super Seller on their blog.

Reply to @musiclover: Thanks Buddy :slight_smile:

I too hope same!!

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This post was flagged by the community and is temporarily hidden.

Reply to @vedmak: Hope I could get to TRS :slight_smile:

Ok, advice taken and Description edited :slight_smile:

@best_Seo I must congratulate you. If I were you, I wouldn’t have edited it.

Reply to @soldierdollar: Thanks!! Safety is better… I have no knowledge about hacking and all… So, don’t want to take chances :slight_smile:

Thank you for the advice @best_seo

I am new here. I am working on increasing sales. I have a 100% feedback rating :smiley:

My question is: How do you feel about responding to request gigs?

Reply to @lissa_1: Congrats!! Yes, you need to give sample gigs to your buyers… Make a sample and send them whenever anyone asks for sample. Hope this helps you :slight_smile:


Thank you. I am happy to know that you are doing well with your Fiverr. I find it encouraging.

Reply to @lissa_1: Yes, its great!!

Great advice, i am very new here so any advice is good advice at the moment.

best_seo I was thinking of purchasing your gig for youtube views. Check out my gigs and tell me if you think it could generate more sales for me.

Constructive crit also welcome :slight_smile:

This is excellent advice! Thank you :slight_smile:

i have tried your service b4 and i must say it is really good and worth more than $5.

i guess your success is contributed by the fact that people feel they are getting MORE THAN $5 worth of delivered work.


Thanks everyone :slight_smile:

I was out of touch from forum and now I am back with a Bang !!