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Manually selecting gigs on buyer requests

Hello there,

I am new to Fiverr. I just found out that I can offer a gig to buyers who are looking for sellers on the “buyers requests” page. However, I noticed that often when I found a request that I was perfectly capable of completing, I was not able to select my gig that was a perfect match. Usually Fiverr would just select a gig on my behalf and give me no option of overruling this choice. As a result, I could either not submit my offer or submit a gig that did not match very well. Am I missing something here? From what I can see, I usually cannot choose which gig to offer. Sometimes it gives me several options, though, but rarely the right ones. This is a huge problem for me, because the suggestions seem to be very inaccurate. It’s probably suggesting based on tags and such, but even though I have tried to tag my gigs well, it’s just not accurate.

Unless I am missing something, I really think it’s a terrible mistake to trust the automatic system to such a degree. My little experience with the system has shown that it’s very inaccurate, which causes me great frustrations because I know that I could offer exactly the right gig for the job - the system just won’t let me.

Is there a way to do this? Otherwise I would really love to see this, as I would then find the current system ridiculous. I would love to hear your thoughts on this. Thanks.

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The buyer gets to choose the category they BELIEVE the gig would be found under. As you can see, they often get it wrong as they have less working knowledge of Fiverr than sellers do. If it is choosing the wrong gig for you, I would suggest sending it anyway as well as a follow up email with the link to the appropriate gig. If no gig can be sent, then there is nothing you can do.

Hi, Andy.

I contacted Fiverr Support a few days ago re the same problem and the response I received is stated below:

"Currently you can only offer Gigs that match the category and subcategory of the buyer’s request."

I then responded with the following for confirmation:

"So, are you saying that if there is a difference between my classification of my gig and the buyer’s classification of his/her gig, I cannot make an offer?"

And their response was, “That is correct :)”

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I’m just a day old here,could anyone just give me a comprehensive clues on how to get and sell this gigs.and all it entails generally.

Reply to @editorwizard: In one way I can understand their motivation, but for the end users it is extremely frustrating and counterproductive. In the end, this causes fewer gigs to be purchased, which means less dollars for Fiverr. That is really not a good idea. Generally speaking, Fiverr is cool, but there are just some things where they need to see things more from the users’ perspectives. That would improve the site a lot.

Thank you for your reply. It is good to know how it works even though I strongly disagree with it. :slight_smile:


From my point of view, in buyers request section-> when you select send offer, it will give you some description about the offer. Next go back to your particular gig and go to edit section. Try to put some keywords in description mentioned in buyers offer. And edit the tag section as well from the keywords of buyer offer. If possible at least put one keyword in title from the keywords of buyer offer. Save and continue. I think that helps.

Send Offer |
> mouse over here
->Find the description with some words
Edit description, tag and tile with that words < -
-> save and continue--> think that helps

@razray Well, I followed your instructions and did exactly what you suggested mate, but not avail… Seems like Fiverr’s v.2.0 automatic gig picker is a royal hardheaded to ruin everybody’s business.

I’d bet they must be well aware about this problem by now, but prolly too slow & lazy to tightening nuts&bolts about this paramount issue.

I wish they’d think & be more DOS oriented and less MacOS numbhead automatisms praisers, obviously thinking that users (especially sellers noobs or not) are retards or something unable to choose & make the right & ethical decisions by themselves.

Anyway, looking forward for any solution & news about this. Just whistle out loud if you hear anything.

Edit: I’m starting to suspect this wrong & evil automatic gig picking behaviour also has something to do with how popular each of your gigs are or how many views they already got among them. So, I’m afraid despite categories, tags & stuff, they are simply picking the most viewed or popular for your offers. As a provisional solution, they should allow one could write at least a few lines to requesters pointing out the error and directing them to the right gig instead.

We shouldn’t have to go to that extreme to be able to do this. Fiverr should trust sellers to have the common sense to choose the correct gig to recommend to a buyer. If spammers keep sending irrelevant gigs, the buyer should be able to report them to Fiverr who can then warn the seller.

Fiverr truly needs to get with the program. The only way Fiverr will take notice or action, is if gig sales drops dramatically. They just don’t have the mental capacity to grasp whats being said here, nor do they care. All they know or care about is that gigs are still being purchased regardless of how many frustrated customers are out there. It’s a shame but that’s where customer satisfaction, appreciation, and accommodation falls short in the USA. In the US “Quality Assurance”, or "Customer Satisfaction is just a phrase. It’s all about quantity not quality.

It used be to very different.

Before, you could send any gig you had to any buyer, even though their request might have been wildly different to your offering.

This led to buyers writing requests such as:

"Need an article written about international companies"

In turn, they might have received a reply with a gig saying:

"I will complete ur stop-motion video 100% satisfaction guarantee everytime"

Obviously, the reply has nothing to do with the request.

The only way to fix this was to automate the entire process, as manually approving and rejecting gig requests would have been incredibly laborious, and definitely not worth the investment/delays caused.

I’ve found that for me, the automated process works fine. Sometimes I’ll be presented with requests outside of my scope, but that’s it – it usually works quite well.

One option is to set up similar gigs in multiple categories.

One problem I’ve sometimes had is that my gig description is quite targeted (health care, real estate investors, etc.). I’ll see a buyer request that I know I could do, but the gig description won’t seem to match the buyer’s request. I’ve developed one listing that’s quite general. I don’t expect that it’d be the first choice of someone searching for a targeted gig. However, it’s broad enough that when there’s a buyer request (in the same category, of course) I can send (or have Fiverr select) that broad gig so it doesn’t look like my offer is off-target.

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I make answer for main question.

Choose the one that is available, and in the text box write you have suitable for the buyer gig. If you have anything else.

Where is the BUYERS REQUEST Page? I am searching it on my computer, but not getting it. Where is it? I can see this on the Android App!!
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