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Many are not interested to work with $5!

I know, you may feel weird ! But this is true ! Before I buy , I have contacted and showed the product . And asked, are you ok for working with my product or order ! I got answer, Yes, it is ok.
I bought @$5 and gave the details officially ! After few hours I got the message states that, my order has cancelled ! Explanation: I am not taking order at this time !
Well, It has happened 2 times with $5 orders from 2 Fiverrers ! I still have their messages and my order history in my computer for evidence ! So, Fiverr must cancel the option for extra gigs ! Fiverr is famous with $5 work at all the sense ! Work it out ! Cheers !

If you “gave the details officially” after asking a question that sounds more like “are you available to work at this moment”, I can’t help but suspect you landed them with a monstrosity of an order that fell far outside of whatever their basic gig was and they backed out ASAP. At least they didn’t waste your time…

Without more details, that’s my speculation. You should probably work on better English communication skills as well to ensure smooth progress.

I have made more than 10 orders already with Fiverrers ! I didn’t feel there is any " Better English Communication" problem with me and them ! These sellers have expected , I will add more extra gigs ! Apart from that, Fiverr has an option, If the seller is not available, Paused selling or Not available to work at this moment ! In my case, I will make personal conversation at first ! After their approval or willingness or availability, then only I make an order !

OK then.