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Many experienced sellers are available, how would I compete with them?


As a beginner, who is newly joined Front-End Web Developer in Fiverr, if you ask me my experience, I would say selling on Fiverr is an hard exploratory journey. So as other beginners, I will ask you the same question.

What should a beginner do to compete with the other experienced sellers?

Write down your best replies. It may be asked before, but knowledge is new, in every new day.


My #1 tip, in response to your question, is to first, stop comparing yourself to the experienced sellers. You are your own seller. Be unique. Be you.

And second, as an extension of the first part above, find ways to express your uniqueness, and the unique, one-of-a-kind services that you can offer. Don’t follow the crowd. Find creative ways to stand out from the crowd.

How you choose to do that, is what makes you a unique seller. :wink:


I wonder, if everyone starts being unique, what will be the difference!! :joy::sweat_smile:


If everyone “starts being unique”, the world will be a VERY interesting place. The more unique people are, the greater the differences there will be.


Wow, it seems you are really good at giving advice. I really appreciate your thoughts. :ok_hand:
And yes, I am unique in my own way, & I will always try to be!


It will be hard at first but remember, you are not competing against other sellers but rather offering a unique service or bringing something better or different to the table. You’ll build up a client base and start having repeat buyers. Also, utilize the buyer request section to start off your new Fiverr business.


It’s hard to get noticed, because buyers always pick a reviewed sellers to buy, not the one who has no reviews in his/her list.


Don’t really stress yourself out by thinking about other experienced sellers. If they were all that better than the rest of us, then only the TRS would get a ton of projects and the rest of us would be sitting unemployed. The thing is that it will be difficult for you to start at first because buyers won’t have any reviews to check if you’re actually legit. But, try to tell the buyers that even though you’re new, hiring you won’t be a waste of their money.


If you offer exactly the same as hundreds or thousands of other sellers, then yes, it can be difficult at first. Try to find a way to stand out.


I am happy to be of service. :slight_smile:


Just remember that all the veteran sellers with many reviews, and strong reputations were once new sellers just starting out as well. If they could find a way to become successful here on Fiverr, then there is hope for you as well. :slight_smile:


You can compete with experienced sellers by being faster, offer more for less money, being on-line regularly to answer potential questions, etc.

You can also go and find a buyer off of Fiverr and bring them to the platform to get your first sale or two… nothing helps jump start a gig more than a couple sales, even if you bring them to the party. (Do NOT have your relatives by gigs, find someone who needs your services off of Fiverr, and direct them to your gig.)

Fiverr won’t give you lots of exposure at first (they have no idea if you’ll be around in a month) so see if you can find one buyer each week and use them to get started, get a few reviews.

If your service has value, then there are buyers both on and off Fiverr and you can find one or two who need you.

Also, considering creating a gig video that shows off your squeeze pages or other offerings in a more dynamic way. The visuals don’t need to be huge, just panning around the screen showing off the value of your work… (music and voice over optional, but when you can swing it, a win for you…)

Forget the experienced sellers EXCEPT to learn from the way they present their gig. Do NOT copy from one of them, but find a dozen you like and then create yours with the best ideas from strong sellers in your category.

There are many paths to success, getting started is a challenge we all go through…


Wow, I am really amazed! Thank you very much for your detailed suggestion :smile::blush:


When I started, I checked out other sellers in my category to see what they were doing and how they presented themselves, and wow, there were a lot of very experienced and very talented individuals doing exactly what I came here to do. So I came up with a strategy to start with a very low price, but not so low as to let buyers perceive me as being “cheap.” I also noticed that most of the sellers in my category had commercial demos. So I decided to forego that route and instead offer potential buyers a sample; which wouldn’t work so well in some categories, but happens to be a pretty good business model for mine. But I think the best advice has already been given. Just be yourself. You’ll get clients, and if you’re good at what you do, those clients will become regulars, and they’ll leave positive reviews, and more people will start to notice you. Just work hard and be patient.


Thanks! Much appreciated :blush:


We all had to start somewhere and that is still a question I ask as a level 2 with ober 2 years here. I know I will never be in the ranks of the super sellers and like yourself am up against 100s of sellers on the same category.

Like another poster said its work hard and be determined and be prepared to wait easier said than done I know :O)


I started with buyer requests

  • most top rated sellers don’t bother with it as they have enough returning clients
  • you’re mostly competing with templates
  • you get to pick your clients so you can bid on the requests that match your skills


Fast, unique and quality service will always keep you on top and in my observation Fiverr is assigning featured badges to level 1 and level 2 sellers. So try your best to provide quality services I am sure you will be next featured seller.