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Many FIVERR Sellers have Miss-leading GIG titles - SEO Back-links a big culprit - Claiming HIGH PR

Hi, has anyone else noticed that almost ALL of the SEO sellers are using MISS-LEADING gig titles when selling SEO services?

Here are some examples:

Many of them are offering to do 10 - 50 High PR (Page Rank). Some of them (not many) have now started to put in the “small print” hidden in the back of beyond or in a FAQ sheet that is not even on the Fiverr site (you have to click a link in the description AFTER you have purchased!!!

I think it is time that Fiverr demanded that the TITLE is NOT miss-leading, as it is this what offen causes you to buy.

In one respect, I am at least grateful that we are able to reject the work, however I do feel that the time given to reject should be extended to a week (7 days) as sometimes 3 days in not long enough.

However, this causes me to waste time waiting on links that in the end are not worth the time I take setting them up.

If you have had a bad experience, say so in the comments below and lets see if we can get the system to sort it out.