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Many Impression But No order yet,Can you Figure It Out?

I have Created 3 gigs Recently On fiverr as a New seller,and i do get alot of page impressions Daily,but yet i have not gotten a single order,Can someone Check out my gigs to figure out what is Wrong?

Me too :frowning:

Hang in there, you will get some orders soon! :slight_smile:
Graphic design on Fiverr is a very concentrated niche so it might take a while to get noticed

@Funkygfx,i love your encouragement but how do you see my gigs?

@funkygfx,When you enter my profile you will see my gigs,you can check it out.

Reply to @ecoverprincess: I clicked on your name and that redirected me to your Fiverr profile. :slight_smile: