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Many Impressions but few click


I have a question: my Gig has many Impressions, but few click.
How can I converti this impression into buyer?

This is my Gig:

@pizzannalisa Hi! it’s also happend with me don’t worry just cool !!
if you want to increase your click then you should do post on social media for someone to click on your gig and open this then your click will increase.

Clicks & impressions are useless. Buyer rarely contact through that.
So try to focus and bid on buyer requests.

Your all gig looks fine except your prices are high.
At start, buyer won’t experiment with such amount.
So my suggestion is, at start go with lower prices, most buyers prefer low prices.
And when you get some level and reviews, blast the prices.

Thank you for your advices! They are very useful :slight_smile: