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Many Impressions, Clicks and Views but No orders!


Hi everyone… I have been getting many impressions , clicks and views continuously but no orders had been placed by anyone… any idea what’s going on ?


Hello! Could you post a link to your gig? Your description plays a huge part in sales. How detailed are you describing your services? In a lot of cases buyers look over certain gigs if the description isn’t clear, intriguing or if they have grammatical/spelling errors. This could be part of it!


Exactly, Your description needs to be perfect and it need to convince buyers.


same thing also happen with me. i do not know what i do


I think you misunderstood the word count.

Basic package
Words included: 5

Standard package
Words included: 6

Premium package
Words included: 6

In your description there are also some grammar, punctuation and formatting errors.


If you want help just make your own post under the category Improve My Gig.


Hello Everyone… Same Condition… i am not getting any orders… pls check out my gigs…