Many leave no feedback whatsoever


I look back across gig histories and who has left feedback, who has not, any limited negative feedback, etc.

I can see a couple thumbs down on the actual gig; but they appear nowhere in the comments section. So what gives ?

Can’t even contact them to see what the problem was.

Also, I think no feedback should be counted as a positive; because we know for sure that anyone with a gripe will leave a negative. Yet so many that are happy just grab their stuff and go; they leave nothing and just let it auto-complete (and thank Heaven for that feature.)

Ratings and percentages are so crucial here on Fiverr. Just wishing our buyer history reflects how hard we work and a couple bad hits don’t affect us too much.


True… many of my clients dont leave a feedback either. I used to send all my clients a canned msg to be kind enough to share their review but later I realized, I didnt feel too good “asking” for a feedback. I think they would be more inclined to leave a thumbs up when they find the work to have surpassed their expectations. So my new tactic to ensure feedback is to exceed their expectations in terms of quality & communication :slight_smile:


I have over 600 sales this year yet just over 200 FB left. I try and not worry too much about it because the feedback that is left is awesome


tn5rr2012 - I have a little better ratio of feedback (yours was around 33%) of about 43%


Reply to lparziale: Once thing I have learned from my career is people are more apt to leave or repoind with neagtive feedback (I.E complaining to the manager) than they are to leave a good commnet. YEars ago I worked in a call center and so now if I call a help desk about a product the and CS agent has been awesome I ask to speak with their superviosr so I can leave good posiitve feedback


Reply to @tn5rr2012: I’ve found the same thing re: people leaving negative more than positive feedback. If I have a genuine problem then I will make a complaint but I always write a letter of praise or ask to speak to the supervisor to leave a good word if someone has been super helpful. When I ask to speak to their supervisor I think they get worried that I’m going to make a complaint so I always make sure that they know its because I’m so happy with their service. I know of another guy who does the same because too many people make complaints.


if you want feedback on a gig and feel the customer should leave feedback. message the customer asking them if they would kindly leave feedback.


Reply to @cust0mcr3ationz: I have a message when I deliver to ask them to leave feedback. It’s not 100% foolproof though. Some people simply prefer not to leave any feedback at all and some just let the gig autocomplete.


I’ve found that people are more likely to leave you feedback if you give them reason to. Good customer service wins for me every time.

80% of my buyers have left feedback. I ask them when I deliver - and if they don’t within a couple of days, I ask them how they got on using my voiceover (just incase there’s a problem), and would it be possible for them to leave feedback.

Simples :slight_smile:


Reply to @madmoo: Agreed about the ones that have completed and they still don’t leave feedback!! In the early days it used to bother me, I’ve learnt to live with it now though. I think some people either are just too busy, or simply forget. I try to always go above and beyond so that the buyer “wants” to leave good feedback, if you get me?

Recently I’ve started saying that my business relies upon many orders, in order to keep my cost down - which is true, and if they leave feedback it helps with this. What I offer compared to the rates I have with a VO agency is frightening. But I like Fiverr - love the community, and I just like helping people (sounds corny i know!).

And yes, how it’s not obvious is beyond me. That’s another thing I need to address!


Yeah I hear ya, It seems half of the people who purchase my gigs, reply via msg, love the service but leave absolutely no feedback, even when I inquire with them if they can or why not.


I think for every 600 gig orders about 100 review drives me nuts but what can you do lol I always say feel free to leave an honest review it helps others to decide if I am the right fiverr for them :slight_smile:

on one gig I had ordered upon the delivery I was told if I left feedbackI would get a bonus - I actually didn’t like that because it made me thing how many others are like this and is the feedback honest?

I want honest feedback rather than forced feedback and I always always always reply back to thank them :slight_smile:


I always say "If you leave any feedback, good or bad, then you will get a bonus to help you with…(Whatever they are trying to do depending on gig!) I have found that this really helps. :slight_smile:


I do not leave comment when I want contractor to get paid but I do not want to insult them. I am not going to use the work but am trying to be kind. not clicking the thumbs down button


I write "I appreciate any positive feedback you can leave me. If you have had a negative experience, please let me know so I can fix it for you immediately!"

Out of 200 gigs, I have about 120 thumbs up’s so… I guess it kinda works.

And I definitely do NOT agree with auto-positive at all.

I have received shoddy deliveries before that I was not happy with, despite having told them several times I wasn’t happy and I didn’t get what was advertised. Instead of leaving a negative, I kind of just shrug it off, accept it, and leave NO feedback at all, but my experience definitely wasn’t positive.


So far I just don’t leave feedback if I’m not happy with the purchase. I had one transaction that was awful. But I don’t know what situation he’s in. I don’t really want to hurt anyone over $5. I told him I wasn’t satisfied but he just ignored that message. So, I didn’t leave him any feedback. But if I really like what they provide, I’ll always leave a positive.


i dont know where should i post this,but here goes.

i (a buyer) have a problem leaving rating with comment

the system always give me error

"“Feedback comment contains default system text. Please replace with your own message. Your feedback may not contain links.”"

no matter what i wrote.the error keep repeat itself

i love the gig,and want to help them getting good rating.please resolve this.thanks


try to convince prospect to leave you a positive feedback

in your delivery message.

Think this will be helpful.


It is frustrating when a buyer does not leave feedback. I recently had my first gig. It was delivered in 20 minutes, and the order was exactly to the buyer’s specifications. At least, I hope it was - they never replied after I delivered, even after I politely asked for feedback. Maybe the best course of action is to be persistent and patient.


@kjblynx I think I may have poorly worded what I wrote. I didn’t mean to keep bothering the buyer, I meant to be persistent and patient about getting sales.