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Many Many Gigs!

(5 star rated!)

-Gotta story idea, but can’t write it? I can help! Any topic, any time, any place! I’ll deliver you a quality story of your choosing! (Never before published, fresh out the box stories)

(5 star rated!)

-Need help knowing whether or not your website or product is good enough for public exposure? I’ll let you know with the utmost honesty! (200-400 word count)

-Ever have the trouble of organizing those pesky notes in your binder? Well I can help you with that! Send me your scanned handwritten notes & I’ll even make numbered or bullet-ed lists!

-Have you ever written a song and needed an honest opinion as to whether it can make it in the industry? I’m your girl! I will give you a detailed review on what I like, what I didn’t like and what I would recommend to change! If there’s a link to the song, I’ll even share it on my twitter & Facebook if it’s good!

-Do you have a passion for making beats? If you do, then of course you need someone to tell you whether or not that beat is a good one! Well, I’ll be the judge for you! I will give you a detailed review on the aspects of your beat and if it is a rap beat, I will even include the opinions from an upcoming rap group I am close with.

-Did you write a short story? Do you want an honest opinion of said story? You have come to the right place! I will personally read any short story (within reason) and give you a full review! If it’s already published, I will share your link on twitter and Facebook for others to read as well if I like it!

-We’ve all had the moment where we felt like we couldn’t talk to anyone or felt like everyone would judge us! Well, I’m here for you if you’ve been in that situation! <3 I can offer advice as best as I can and I will NEVER judge you regardless of what you’re going through! I’ll even send you a personalized post card at no cost to you! :slight_smile:

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