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Many non-responsive buyers all of a sudden?

Has anyone heard if Fiverr is having some communication problems? All of a sudden, I have a slew of unresponsive buyers - like 5 of them in the last week or so.

I will have some question or need clarification regarding their order, and I message them again and again, and receive no response, even if it is a gig they have paid a high price for or even need completed on a rush basis. It’s very puzzling and frustrating. I could see one or two of these, but for this many people to not be responding, that just seems unusual.



I have had several of these types of glitches in the past week too. Orders being placed with no documents attached. Buyers who don’t respond to messages. Not seeing some orders until they’ve been there a few days. It’s odd.

Same here. Just hoping it doesn’t happen to the other side and the buyers don’t receive our deliveries…It’s been happening to me during the past week only though.

3 months back something similar happened to me. People used to place order and ask for cancellation. Most of them used to say that they placed order mistakenly.